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Title: HM01 off frequency, 11635 kHz, 1625 UTC, 28 NOV 2018
Post by: MDK2 on November 28, 2018, 1633 UTC
I was a bit late tuning in for my daily log of HM01, something I don't sweat usually (with 11 different transmissions in each 24 hour day, there's no need to be strict about that), but found that it was on 11635 rather than the normally scheduled 11435 for the 1600 hour, and it was already reading the numbers. At 1629, after getting a bit into the part of the broadcast where it sends the digital files, it restarted in line with when the second half of the readings usually begin. There were other errors (Windows noises, audio dropouts, etc). The signal cut out entirely at 1632, with the carrier reappearing at 11435 (it's usual frequency for the 1600 UTC hour) and resumed the broadcast there.

Still repeating the same numbers as it has been doing since 11/3/18. See my November log for more details: