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Title: 9031 USB 1953Z 17DEC18
Post by: Josh on December 17, 2018, 2006 UTC
Followed NAOC/TACAMO and ground sta here from triple one after one mentioned trying the CHARLIE ECHO window (9031) due to poor conditions. Using dual watch on the pro 2 to cover both freqs simultaneously, didn't think the front end bandpass would stretch that far but it works. Need to map out the bandpasses for sure.

POST STAMP calling TANK CAR on triple one after no joy on CHARLIE ECHO @ 1957Z.

OFF POST calling TANK CAR for hf digital check, TANK CAR says hf digital not working at this time, stand by.

TANK CAR telling PORTABLE he will receive data, PORTABLE replies stand by for transmission. Digital mode is three(?) tone fsk.