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Title: Golden Globe Race
Post by: NSPcom on December 31, 2018, 1729 UTC
4 GGR entrants of 18 still sailing single handed no-stop around the world. 1 finished.
Randmaa and Kopar sailing Atlantic https://maps.sail.cloud/home/event/19

Boat2boat: 8294 8440 USB
Jeanne Socrates KC2IOV (oldest woman to sail solo ​​nonstop​ ​unassisted around the world​) of Longue Route used to join ES1UKU english sked. She is active also 2045 18120 USB, 0000 14160 USB and 0400 7160 LSB, check her blog "s/v nereida" for newest frequencies. She is approaching South Africa(30 jan 2019).

13 jan added time for ES1UKU russian sked, added table
30 jan several updates and:
Both Slats and famous french sailor van den Heede were busted for using fake call signs while sailing near Canary Islands nearby. Both had presented fake callsigns to secure their green card. Slats ceased to use ham frequencies while van den Heede used to the end. The Race Officer see fake callsigns only as a problem between an entrant and his local authority! Van den Heede is his personal friend. Slats lost personalized weather forecast and den van Heede sailed away, Slats is expected to arrive finish line in France in 2 days as 2nd.