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Title: 6615 kHz USB Latin American Freebanders "45 metros" 2230 UTC 7 Jan 2019
Post by: R4002 on January 07, 2019, 2236 UTC
Very good signals at 2230 UTC - 2231 UTC, heard mentions of Beyonce, OM and YL chatting.  OM has a very good signal, SIO 444 easily and was pushing S8-S9 at tune in.  Poor frequency choice since they're in the middle of the busy 6 MHz aeronautical on-route band 6525 kHz to 6685 kHz but what do they care?  cf. 6666.6 kHz and other frequencies, etc.  YL's signal is much weaker, almost unreadable.  OM mentioned Venezuela and an unidentifiable word/place at 2234 UTC.  2234 UTC....- the usual "buenas tardes!" and compliments on signal strength, etc. then the frequency went quiet.  Sounds like the QSO ended. 

UNID Spanish speakers radio amateurs 6.6 MHz EC Echo Charlie 6615 kHz 6.615 MHz USB SS OM and YL pirates freebanders outbanders, Latin American 45 meter band 45 metros.  Receiver is the COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR located on the CT/MA border.