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Title: 6710.5 kHz USB and 6699.5 kHz USB Spanish Language UNID Nets 2237 UTC 7 Jan 2019
Post by: R4002 on January 07, 2019, 2240 UTC
Dozens of active frequencies in the 6-7 MHz region this evening.  6695 kHz, 6695.5 kHz and 6696 kHz (all in USB mode) have been logged previously, 6710.5 USB is also busy.  3-4 different OMs talking and at least one YL.  Use of radio operator pro-words such as "gambio!" is widespread.  The usual pleasantries and signal reports given on both frequencies.  Unsure of origin but going by the accent, these stations are coming out of South America.  Yet another "Carlito" and a OM that starts almost every transmission with a whistle into the  mic.  At 2240 UTC on 6710.5 kHz, it appears to just be the OM and YL. 

Receiver is the COMMSIGMA SDR on the CT/MA border.