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Title: KIWI SDR more audio bandwidth now available.
Post by: Monophonia on January 30, 2019, 1543 UTC
While repairing one of the kiwiSDR's I admin I found that the admin can now enable a mode that allows for more reciever bandwidth at the expense of one channel. It looks like this update went live within the last month.

Now one can have up to 20kHZ audio bandwidth up from 12kHz. This does decrease the available receivers down to three.

I have set up websdr.wc8voa.org:8073 (http://websdr.wc8voa.org:8073) to this mode for a while to play around in. I may change it back soon but if I catch wind of an XFM show I will flip it to wide so we can all take in the high-fidelity.

Try it out, take turns!