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Title: AirSpy HF+, FLDIGI, SDR Console & DXTreme Integration
Post by: mysticstar on February 27, 2019, 0139 UTC
   Hey all. I've taken some time and really got to know my SDR and SDR Console and I really want to get into some utility monitoring. I'm a little vague on installation of the different software. I obtained VSP Manager from K5FR and also obtained VB Cable to try and integrate all the above. I realize that my decoding program (FLDigi) requires a separate set of COMS and my logging program requires a separate set of COMs along with my Control Program also. Do I use Omni Rig to control SDR Console or CAT? I'm having a difficult time syncing all these together and have a feeling that I am making it way to hard. Can someone please assist me? I use DXtreme for logging and it offers either CAT or OmniRig control via Kenwood TS-2000. I want to use that in conjunction with FLDigi and SDR Console, SDR # or HDSDR.
Title: Re: AirSpy HF+, FLDIGI, SDR Console & DXTreme Integration
Post by: mysticstar on March 12, 2019, 1804 UTC
  In an answer to my own question, in hopes of maybe helping someone else that is just starting SDR's, I found that patience and trial & error helped most in figuring it out. Some things are basically the same when dealing with utilities such as COM ports etc. Software plays a big part in how things fit together. I was able to get all of what I needed and understand why I received no answers. It's relatively easy but really hard to explain to someone how to do it. I'm new to SDR's but have really enjoyed learning what I can and how similar things are to the analog world as long as you can relate to the transitional digital components and changes. My biggest problem was I was making it far more difficult than it really was. In short, I was trying to put everything together as one, right off the bat. Later, I took my time, wrote everything down and approached it one step at a time, getting one program to work with another program until all were finally working together. Also, it helped quite a bit by reviewing the different posts and inquiries that people made over time. I'm 64 and on a fixed income so it's really hard to not buy all the toys I want, but this is definitely the best thing I have gotten in awhile. (SDR) Thanks Chris and Josh for helping me make the right choice for my initial SDR by showing me what's out there and what can be done with them. I still have my original PK-232, but it's in the closet because I can do so much more now with software verses hardware.
   So if you're new to SDR's, I hope my post helps by showing you not to get too overwhelmed by things and just approach them one at a time.
Title: Re: AirSpy HF+, FLDIGI, SDR Console & DXTreme Integration
Post by: Josh on March 12, 2019, 1831 UTC
Lol my first pc sdr went back to the shop several times before I figured out the connector in the psu was faulty. And yes the learning curve can be steep but rewarding. Now your mind has been expanded, no going back, you'll never want another radio without that lovely fish finder.