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Title: March HF here and there 2-13MHz.
Post by: Looking-Glass on March 15, 2019, 1555 UTC
1537z  6.607MHz  CW   4XZ Israeli Defence Force, Haifa, Israel with high speed CW traffic mixed letters/numbers then back to beacon mode. 569 report
1522z  6.676MHz  USB  9VA-40 Singapore Radio Volmet with airport weather, including Singapore Changi, male with British accent. 5X7 report.
1517z  6.676MHz  USB  HSD Bangkok Aeradio, Thailand with Australian accent male announcing Volmet for main neighbouring aiprorts. 5X9 report.
1457z  2.965MHz  USB  AWB Mumbai Radio, India with robotic style male announcing Volmet for major Indian airports. 5X2 report.
1536z  6.365MHz  CW   P50 Indonesian Navy with high speed CW traffic with frequent repeats, then back to P50 beacon mode. 569 report.
0935z  6.501MHz  USB  NMN USCG/CC National Weather Service, Offshore reports, Chesapeake, Virginia, USA 5X5 report.
0937z  4.316MHz  USB  NMG USCG/CC National Weather Service, Offshore reports, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA 5X3 report.
0602z  8.764MHz  USB  NMO USCG/CC National Weather Service, Offshore reports, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 5X6 report.
1655z  4.215MHz  CW   XSG Shanghai Marine Radio, China, channel marker/beacon preceded with four buzz tones. 599 report.
1237z  2.207MHz  USB  ZLM Taupo Marine Radio, Taupo, New Zealand with maritime weather and storm alerts, Tasman Sea and South West Pacific regions. 5X8 report.
1457z  4.216MHz  CW   "TAH" in CW after four buzz tones, Istanbul Marine Radio, Turkey, Turkish State Met Office, channel marker. 529 report.
0819z  8.957MHz  USB  EIP Shannon Volmet, County Clare, Ireland with volmet regional Volmet weather reports. Female announcer. 5X5 report on Grey Line.
0821z  5.450MHz  USB  MKL Saint Eval, North Cornwall UK, Military One Volmet reports, with heavy fades, via Long Path on Grey Line for 22,709kms. 4X3 report.
1404z  5.652MHz  USB  San Fransisco ATC (MWARA CWP-2) working JAL-780 Boeing 737-800 flight across north west Pacific, pos report & Selcal check. 5X8 report.
0823z  5.598MHz  USB  Santa Maria, Azores Islands ATC wkg various aircraft with male ATC, aircraft very weak signals. ATC 5X6 report with deep fades Long Path for 19,457kms.
1514z  2.965MHz  USB  HSD Bangkok Aeradio, Thailand, with Australian accented male announcing Volmet for Penang, Denpassar etc. 5X8 report.
0654z  8.424MHz  CW   "de SVO" Olympia Marine Radio, Hellenic Met Office, Athens, Greece, channel marker. 559 report for 24,780kms via Long Path on Grey Line.
1640z  6.676MHz  USB  AWC Kolkata Radio, India, with Volmet reports in English with robotic female voice, hard to understand, poor audio. 3X4 report.
1124z  3.330MHz  CW   CHU Canadian Time Signal Service, Ottawa, Canada, pips and some announcements. Zero beat on CW mode, 539 report.
1405z  5.170MHz  USB  CWB Central Weather Bureaux (Weather Forecast Centre) Taipei, Taiwan, with weather by female in Chinese dialect. 5X5 report.
1950z  6.224MHz  USB  Yokwe Yacht Net, Majuro, Marshall Islands (Mieco Yacht Club Base), soliciting check ins and position reports from yachts. 4X1 to 5X2 report.
1907z  8.173MHz  USB  Rag Of The Air, Suva, Fiji, yacht net, working check ins and looking "for any emergency traffic at this time, call now." 5X2 report.
0922z  6.604MHz  USB  VFG Gander Radio, Newfoundland, Canada with aviation Volmet weather reports. 5X3 report.
0850z  6.754MHz  USB  CHR Quinte West (Trenton Military), Nova Scotia, Canada with aviation Volmet weather reports. 5X5 report.
0841z  5.450MHz  USB  Shannon Aeradio, Ireland, with Volmet weather reports, via Long Path at end of Grey Line. 5X2 report.
1113z  4.387MHz  USB  JFR Nagasaki Radio, Japan, Fisheries Radio with Sea of Japan and North Pacific marine weather in Japanese. 5X7 report.
1904z  3.470MHz  USB  Colombo ATC, Sri Lanka, "Aircraft calling Colombo?" "Nothing heard, Colombo out." 5X5 report.
0445z 13.261MHz USB  Brisbane Centre (SP-6 network), Australia, working QF-167 Boeing 737-800 WEL-SYD, pos report and Selcal check. 5X3 report.
0431z 13.318MHz USB  Brisbane Centre (MWARA SEA-3 network), Australia working SQ-281 Boeing 777 SIN-AKL, pos report and Selcal check. 5X4 report.
Title: Re: March HF here and there 2-13MHz.
Post by: R4002 on March 15, 2019, 1719 UTC
Nice logs.  I love listening to the yachtmen's nets on the 4 MHz, 6 MHz, 8 MHz and 12 MHz marine bands. 

The USCG transmitter in Virginia (NMN) on 6501 kHz USB is a real flamethrower.  Crazy how many meteo stations are on 6676 kHz.  That frequency and the nearby 6500-7000 kHz region is heavily pirated in ITU Region 2 (the Americas) by pescadores and 45 meter outbanders/freebanders out of Latin America.
Title: Re: March HF here and there 2-13MHz.
Post by: Looking-Glass on March 16, 2019, 0333 UTC
I don't hear any of those pest Latino stations over this way, haven't heard a South American Volmet for a long time, not for the lack of trying either. 

Problem we have is Asian pirate stations all over HF, most are from China, Indonesia mainly followed by Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Long Path during the late afternoon/early evening Grey Line across the Pacific and Americas produces some good European aviation (Santa Maria ATC, UK and Ireland Vomet) on an adhoc basis especially on 5 and 6MHz.   North West African aviation on that path still remains a challenge, their ATC's probably don't pump out as much as power as the mentioned ones in the North Atlantic.

A couple of days back I managed to hear New York Radio, NY working Caribbean aircraft via the Long Path but not strong enough to log.

Hong Kong and Tokyo Volmets have reduced their transmissions this way too, miss the Hawaiian Volmet,  You tend not to appreciate a lot of stations until they are gone, same applies to WLO marine beacon/channel markers on CW which vanished during 2018.

Used to hear some of the yachtie nets over your way, Mexico, California and Panama way, very rare to hear them as propagation is poor and their bases don't run big power. So have to settle for the Fiji and Marshall Islands nets... ;)
Title: Re: March HF here and there 2-13MHz.
Post by: shadypyro on March 16, 2019, 0610 UTC
Used to hear the WLO beacon from Seattle on 6318 cw, haven't catch any pirate stations from Latin America yet but might give it a go..