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Title: Aviation HF...
Post by: Looking-Glass on March 30, 2019, 2244 UTC
The lower end of the HF spectrum was open nicely this morning:

1840z  3.467MHz  USB  Auckland Radio, New Zealand (MWARA SP-6) wkg NZ-845 Airbus A-320 enroute WLG-SYD pos report & Selcal check. 5X8 report.
1900z  3.467MHz  USB  Nadi Radio, Fiji (MWARA SP-6) wkg Air New Zealand flight with severe turbulence report from pilot, urgent flight level change request. 5X7 report.
1833z  3.470MHz  USB  Colombo ATC, Sri Lanka (MWARA SEA-3) wkg various aircraft, some audible some not, Colombo was 5X5.

1910z  4.666MHz  USB  Singapore Radio, Singapore (MWARA CWP-1) wkg MA-3?? (weak) pos report & Selcal check. 5X7 report.

1920z  5.634MHz  USB  Brisbane Centre, Australia (MWARA INO-1) "aircraft calling you are unreadable, call again." 5X9 report.
1855z  5.658MHz  USB  Mumbai Radio ATC, India (MWARA MID-2) wkg various aircraft, most not heard. Mumbai ATC 5X2 report.

1857z  6.676MHz  USB  AWB Mumbai Radio, India with regional Volmet report with male "robotic" voice. 5X2 report.