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Title: WPRR
Post by: East Troy Don on April 01, 2019, 2201 UTC
1680 khz @ 21:41 UTC  "WPRR Reality Radio" (16:41 CDT local) .  Y/L Host. Typical  Liberal talk show  radio covering everything from depression, suicide and addiction to an amazingly superficial ersatz discussion of Mideast foreign policy.   Comments from a "Dr. Horn".  Pretty solid signal for 10 kw. Minimal fading.  S10-15.  ID @ 22:00

TX:  Ada, Michigan
TX <>RX:  149 Miles
TX PWR:  10 KW days .    680 Watts nite

Title: Re: WPRR
Post by: East Troy Don on September 03, 2020, 1437 UTC
Weak signal this morning with moderate QSB but discernible light Urban Rock songs @ 1428 Z, 1430 Z and 1434 Z. .   intermittent complete signal loss starting at 14:36.
Title: Re: WPRR
Post by: pinto vortando on September 06, 2020, 1631 UTC
Reception of them at this location has always been sporadic.  Only about 110 miles away and no other
competition on the frequency anywhere near close by but their signal if readable at all is usually weak.
May be on account of the poor soil (sandy) conductivity in that part of the state.
You probably get better reception as their signal propagates across the Lake.
Anyway, haven't much listened to them, sounds like mostly political blather.