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Title: PVC reaches Kansas!
Post by: Ed H on April 09, 2019, 1641 UTC
Hi folks,

I received word that my beacon, PVC (13,555.5~~) was picked up by a LWCA member on 2nd and again on 3rd April, late in the afternoon in Kansas. That is a record distance of approximately 1400 miles for this station :)

Apparently there has been an indistinct trace visible several times at the same frequency, but this was the first occasion on which a positive ID could be made. You can read more at the LWCA website  https://www.lwca.net/mb/index.html (https://www.lwca.net/mb/index.html), and if you are a member, there is a screenshot from Argo and a recording available.

I was just about to abandon the sloping dipole in favour of constructing a new 1/4 wave vertical antenna, but think I'll leave things as they are for a while longer.