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Title: DNB 12th & 13th April 2019 logs
Post by: Looking-Glass on April 13, 2019, 2149 UTC
There has been some good prior and after Grey Line openings this way, some of the beacons are around 569 report.  Many of the regulars in each opening, the March/April log total is around 142 unique call signs so far.

12th April 2019:                                                               13th April 2019:

Freq  Mode  Call   UTC  Report

1.776  CW  2AFFG 0732z  529 report.                                          2.108  CW  WI2    0833z   559 report.   
1.783  CW  RO5    0915z  519 report.                                          2.110  CW  NF7    0825z   539 report.
1.789  CW  OA8    1430z  539 report.                                          2.148  CW  UB7    0838z  569 report.
1.795  CW  QG5    0917z  529 report.                                          2.250  CW  AP2    0746z   539 report.
1.863  CW  OB5    0833z  519 report.                                          2.277  CW  SJ6    0836z    529 report.
                                                                                                2.281  CW  BR1    0837z   559 report.
                                                                                                2.325  CW  ER1    0824z   519 report.                                                                     
2.151  CW  CY9    0627z  539 report.                                           2.365  CW  UW4  0822z   519 report.
2.153  CW  AFVEE 0840z  529 report.                                          2.391  CW  CG7   0800z   539 report.
2.165  CW  HH3   0639z  559 report.                                           2.437  CW  SK0   0756z   549 report.
2.205  CW  BS4    0629z  559 report.                                           2.529  CW  PS6   0802z   519 report.
2.206  CW  CP2    0630z  529 report.                                           2.552  CW  KL9   1040z   529 report.
2.225  CW  FI3    0835z  519 report.                                            2.629  CW  ZH5  0740z   519 report.
2.235  CW  XY1    0639z  529 report.                                           2.665  CW  VQ1  0749z   559 report.
2.243  CW  BC1    0640z  549 report.
2.245  CW  AI1    0844z   539 report.
2.286  CW  ZE2    0619z  519 report
2.308  CW  CI7    0605z   539 report.
2.328  CW  QW0   0559z  529 report.
2.335  CW  RV9    0603z  559 report.
2.338  CW  SS5    0846z  519 report.
2.352  CW  LC3    0600z  559 report. (continuous tx)
2.361  CW  QW9  0610z  569 report.
2.395  CW  ZF9    0556z  549 report.
2.431  CW  WM5  0614z  529 report.
2.537  CW  AI3    0615z  529 report.
2.565  CW  DN3   0550z  519 report. (continuous tx)
2.609  CW  CC6   0830z  529 report.
2.639  CW  ZN9   0554z  559 report.
2.689  CW  VM6   0620z  519 report.

Any one hearing the above please post your report here, I am under the presumption that all of the DNB's I am hearing are in the Pacific Ocean so east coast USA and Canada plus Asia HFU members may be able to hear same.
Title: Re: DNB 12th & 13th April 2019 logs
Post by: Teotwaki on April 16, 2019, 1428 UTC
Wow. Amazing list! Back in 2016 I caught just one: BFL4 on 1983 KHz. Knowing about the two you listed that transmit continuously will help me check for propagation conditions.
Title: Re: DNB 12th & 13th April 2019 logs
Post by: Looking-Glass on April 18, 2019, 1637 UTC
They only transmit continuously for a certain period of time to allow the mother vessel to home in and retrieve the nets, longest I have heard in continuous mode is around two days maximum at very best.

March/April so far is around 160 unique calls from 1.7 to 2.7MHz, they are literally everywhere in that spread when the band is wide open.

Hard to work out where they are, I have compared their signals to those low powered on the NDB band and also 160m amateur radio plus the afternoon Grey Line path but it's amazing how the band differs in relation.

A couple of nights ago between 0730-1030z some of these beacons were 579 report on the meter, not bad for a tin can with a transmitter and whip antenna bobbing about the Pacific. :)

Good fun though, always pleased when I log a new one and add it to the list. ;)

Need some DXers who are into LW on the west coast of the USA and Canada to see if they are hearing same so note and times can be compared. No luck so far... :(

Incidentally, both LC3 and DN3 are back to normal cycle with the four minute key off period.
Title: Re: DNB 12th & 13th April 2019 logs
Post by: Josh on April 18, 2019, 1701 UTC
They cheat because they use the entire ocean for a ground plane.
Title: Re: DNB 12th & 13th April 2019 logs
Post by: Teotwaki on April 19, 2019, 0403 UTC
my main limitation here is antenna length but it's still fun to see what I can hear
Title: Re: DNB 12th & 13th April 2019 logs
Post by: Boriken on April 22, 2019, 1650 UTC
I've monitored your list over the past week, had a really good signal from WWVH on 2500kc. Couldn't hear a one of them from the US east coast. Only heard a couple weak ones of the 4xyz variety, probably floating in the Atlantic pond. Summer t-storms will make it tough until later in the Fall.
Title: Re: DNB 12th & 13th April 2019 logs
Post by: Looking-Glass on April 23, 2019, 0100 UTC
Thanks for checking, however, I think you would need to be on the west coast of the USA like California for example to probably have any chance of hearing what's on the list. 

The one you have logged maybe from the Atlantic region, will have to Google your location as not familiar with the USA.

Pacific west coast region of North America would be the ideal spot for chasing anything on my posts.

A brief "Introduction to DNB's" is also on this site so you can read the basics about them, just from my personal experience.

Happy chasing and post what you hear... ;)