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Title: 2.727MHz USB 2727 kHz USB unident...
Post by: Looking-Glass on April 16, 2019, 0953 UTC
Came across two men chatting on 2.727MHz USB between 0902z and 0934z in Portugese language.  One was a good 10dB over nine this way with a lo9t of background noise and the other 5X7 report. 

Not in this area as fade noted on signals during the conversation.  They mentioned Nicaragua, South Korea and Brasil. 

Maybe illegal fishing trawlers in the Pacific?  Too early for Asian propagation from Macau or East Timor which speak Portugese in this region.

Any ideas?   ;)
Title: Re: 2.727MHz USB unident...
Post by: R4002 on April 16, 2019, 1200 UTC
Sounds similar to the Portuguese speaking stations often heard in the 5-10 MHz region (they love to hang out on 6925 kHz LSB, among other frequencies). 

Presumably fishing fleets, not sure if illegal or not.  Good signals and the background noise would indicate that you're hearing maritime mobile on 2727 kHz USB.  They (the pescadores and the freebanders) love "cute" (easy to remember) frequencies like 2727 kHz, 7676 kHz, 6333.6 kHz, 6777.7 kHz, etc.  2727 USB is within the 2500 kHz to 2850 kHz marine mobile band too (not that that means anything - pescadores, fishing fleets, etc - especially those out of South America, aren't known for their strict interpretation of frequency allocations ;))

Edit:  I did some more digging and 2727 kHz USB is actually a legit ITU marine mobile frequency (it fits within the 3 kHz channeling for the 2 MHz marine bands).