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Title: 11016 TADIL/LINK 11
Post by: Josh on May 01, 2019, 1859 UTC
11016 is often populated by a TADIL sig, and has been for years, This one seems to be from the east coast, perhaps a USN shore facility and the nearby fleet contingent. Today Data Network Control Station in full roar with responding Participating Units evident. 1848Z 01MAY19

Title: Re: 11016 TADIL/LINK 11
Post by: Token on May 05, 2019, 1549 UTC
Yeah, Link 11 is almost always encrypted.  I think that is why so few decoders have ever been done for it.

As a joke we used to call it "Link 1" whenever we sent it in the clear.  Of course, that is incorrect as Link 1 was an entirely different system, but had been retired by then.