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Title: UNID 1458 0159 UTC 25 May 2019
Post by: arc4817 on May 25, 2019, 1414 UTC
Heard under Lyca (and then equal strength with) on SDR capture from last night.

* 0159 tone for 20 seconds like tuning a transmitter
* Trump 'we will make America great again' and sounds from a rally
* 0159:57 3 time pips
* 0200 some type of ID I think, all I can hear is what sounds like the word 'cheerful' and then into EE language and UK focus news read by a YL at same level as Lyca

The same format repeated at 0259. It seems that the transmitter was on lower power between these 2 times with a tone every 10 seconds of 1 second duration that was the same tone noted at 0159 above.

My location is Florence Italy. I have a recording but it doesn't look like I can post it on this forum.