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Title: Strong signals from WE2XGR/6 11-8-11
Post by: weaksigs on November 09, 2011, 1556 UTC
Sorry for the late posting-  >:(

I had just turned off some equipment with the R71A receiver tuned to just above the AM broadcast band. I had been contemplating listening for 500 Khz area stations since last week but my plans were short circuited due to family matters. So, in an impulse I tuned the R71A to 501.7 Khz and immediately heard WE2XGR/6 located in central New York, hearing solid signals between 0130 and 0135 UTC on CW. Signals with the prefix WD2 and WE2 are experimental beacons and also attempt two way transmissions using a variety of modes. I was particularly impressed as the signal was even moving my S-meter indicating easy arm chair copy. I was using my 30 foot insulated on ground antenna feeding a preamp before the receiver.
There other experimental stations using this general area of spectrum and additional information can be found at www.500kc.com