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Title: 26405 AM 26.405 MHz AM - Trucker Company Channel I-75 Ohio? 1700 UTC 9 July 2019
Post by: R4002 on July 09, 2019, 1711 UTC
Hearing two truckers chatting on 26.405 MHz AM / 26405 kHz AM, both with good signals.  Talking about trucking related topics (company drama, weigh scales, several mentions of "Toledo" and "75" - presuming that's a reference to I-75 or route 75).  At one point it became clear the two operators were within eyesight of each other, likely a "company channel" or "side channel" used by truckers from a particular location or company...several other 26 MHz frequencies are waking up early this afternoon.  Hearing two OMs chatting on 25.925 MHz AM / 25925 kHz AM, both of them seem to be local to each other as well.