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Title: 11 meters is active 2100 UTC 18 July 2019
Post by: R4002 on July 18, 2019, 2114 UTC

26715 AM - 26.715 MHz AM is very busy at the moment (2110 UTC) as I type this, hearing OMs on top of each other...ONE TWO ONE TWO ONE TWO and a couple other English words, but mostly Spanish, as to be expected on 26.715 AM.

At 2112 UTC, hearing an OM talking about buying gas on 27.665 MHz AM.  Now, another station replying to him.  Both stations have roger beeps.  Mention of "rollback" as well.  I'm pretty sure these stations are truckers talking on 27.665 MHz AM.  At 2113 UTC, AM voice (also truckers) noted on 27.575 MHz. 

The two stations on 27665 AM are on 27664.9 and 27664.4.  Good thing they're running AM and not SSB! 

26.905 MHz and 26.915 MHz have some activity on them as well.  The legal 40 CB channels have lots of activity as well.  All appear to be domestic US stations.  As to be expected, 27.025 MHz, 27.085 MHz, 27.265 MHz and 27.285 MHz are all wall-to-wall with AM voice DX activity.  27.385 MHz LSB are also active.