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Title: WNYE 91.5 1008 utc 1 Aug 2019
Post by: Ct Yankee on August 01, 2019, 1445 UTC
So, I need to put this in context.  I reside a mile north of Guilford,Ct - albeit Guilford stretches 15 miles to Long Island Sound.

While driving south west to work this morning, I tuned to WMNR on their Guilford relay 91.5 to listen to classical music en route to work in my daily routine.  Shortly after I turn the radio on, a WFUV fm 90.7 ID (The Bronx, NY) played followed by the Grateful Dead.  I searched on line and couldn’t find a relay for WFUV (one of America’s classic “college” stations out of the Jesuit school Fordham University). I discovered NYC-run WNYE 91.5 (Manhattan, NY) simulcasts (why bother?) WFUV’s morning program - probably 75 air miles from me rather than WMNR one town over.  This was a first time for this reception, WMNR came through shortly before pulling in to work in Hamden.

1008 WFUV ID to Grateful Dead