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Title: Beef's bad rap based on poor science, says Professor Frederic Leroy
Post by: ChrisSmolinski on August 01, 2019, 1934 UTC
"Eating meat is a very small slice of the problem as variance to diet doesn't have much of an impact. The average person emits around 12t CO2 per year. Switching to a vegan diet would save around 0.81t CO2 with flexitararians a bit less at 0.31t CO2. So exclusive plant-based nutrition would represent a decrease of between 1-6% in carbon emissions."

He said media played a part in promoting negative stereotypes, promoting research suggesting that in Western countries, beef consumption needed to fall dramatically and be replaced by plants such as beans and pulses.

"The elephant in the room is fossil fuels. Global tourism accounts for 8% of overall carbon emissions, mobile phones around 14% and cement production around 7%. They aren't receiving much attention.