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Title: ISS SSTV, 01-03 AUG 2019, 145.800 FM, various times
Post by: MDK2 on August 05, 2019, 1733 UTC
I managed to copy 11 out of 12 sent images this campaign, and if I hadn't screwed up and forgot to turn my RX on at the start of the campaign I might have copied them all, and all cleanly. Unfortunately I missed the first three, and the noisy pics you see were the only ones I copied of those particular images. Still, this was by far the most success I've had with one of these things. Glad to see that they fixed whatever problem was reportedly plaguing the late July campaign that targeted Europe specifically which few in North America had a chance to catch.

All images received using SDRplay RSP2pro, DBJ-1 vertically polarized 2m j-pole, HDSDR to record (due to the ease of programming), SDRuno to playback (due to AFC function), and MMSSTV to decode.