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Title: Cheap 20W TX's
Post by: Stretchyman on August 18, 2019, 1034 UTC
Having run out of mod amps I've decided to use what I have left for my 40W programmable TX and have to sell this at a premium because of it's complexity.

However I was advertising a 20W cost reduced, fixed frequency version which generated too few sales so I have 25+ PCB's with no home to go to, so....

If you want a REALLY cheap TX (RF part ONLY) get in touch, they're $100 on eBay but ONLY $80 via HFU.

I can ONLY offer 2 frequencies 1710 & 6925 KHz, if you want another frequency the oscillators are available from Digikey @ $5 ea.


p.s. Image in the ebay ad;

eBay item number: 133145532497