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Title: RU chatters 3 MHz band 2205 UTC 18 Sep 2019
Post by: kris on September 18, 2019, 2226 UTC
~`2205  Russian chaters (5 region) good heard tonight at 3083 3105 3136.5 AM
Usually, wide bad modulation, they use  nicknames only like Bakłażan, Sobol, Anton, Braslet
Title: Re: RU chatters 3 MHz band 2205 UTC 18 Sep 2019
Post by: R4002 on October 10, 2019, 1936 UTC
I've heard these guys on several Russian based SDRs (KiwiSDRs).  They're very active from 2 MHz to 3.5 or 4 MHz or so, the 2.5 MHz or 2.6 MHz to 3.3 MHz area seems to be the busiest though.

Here's a log from December 2018:

3053 kHz - Russian or Ukrainian OMs chatting, very good signals, one of the transmitters is on 3053.1 kHz, another one 3053.5
3073 kHz - S9+10db very good signal, 10-15 kHz wide AM, two ops, one on 3073.2 kHz, the other on 3073.4 kHz
3086 kHz - distorted audio, but strong signals, several stations chatting, one is on 3088 kHz, another on 3085 kHz
3100 kHz - more strong audio, with the usual frequency variation and wide AM signals
3113 kHz - very busy, more CB-like chatter and some dead carriers too, one on 3113.4 kHz
3120 kHz - another busy frequency, with lots of variation in frequency, one guy was down on 3117 kHz
3131 kHz - 3132 kHz vs. 3130 kHz, two replies to one transmission, you can see one of them swing up in freq. when the mic is keyed
3144 kHz or 3145 kHz - more of the same, 2-4 MHz Russian AM traffic...I wonder if these ops are using surplus military gear
3156 kHz - VERY strong (S9+20db) signal 3156.9 kHz at 2213 UTC (0013 local time) QRM from 3160 kHz
3160 kHz - weak carrier with some modulation, getting obliterated by the 3156 kHz / 3157 kHz crowd
3185 kHz - carrier on 3185.1 kHz, good signal with strong modulation, reminds me of 27025 AM when the band is busy

https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,48712.0.html (https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,48712.0.html)

Apparently its either fishing trawlers using older-generation AM voice gear, freebanders/outbanders using old military gear, or some combination of the two.  The AM signals are generally pretty wide, and there's often a good kHz or so in difference as far as carrier frequencies go for a given QSO.  Both of those would indicate that they're using older radios with analog tuning.  I've heard them many times since on the various Russian SDRs, but I haven't logged them. 

It's like CB, they're almost always there! 

Messing around with a Russian remote receiver this afternoon, particularly the 11 meter band (which is quiet) and the 2-4 MHz border region between MF and HF, several posts here and elsewhere on the Internet have indicated to the use of so-called village radios in certain parts of Russia.  So, as always fascinated by bootleg two-way communications on weird bands, I decided to do some more monitoring.  No, I don't speak Russian.  Most of these transmissions, especially the ones in AM mode, are off-frequency.  Indications are that many of these folks are using surplus Russian military radios.

Logs, starting at 1600 UTC September 5th, 2017 (1900 Moscow time)

2880 kHz USB - Russian language
2900 kHz USB - Russian language, right on frequency, chatter similar to the 3 MHz AM signals
2915 kHz AM - Russian language
2920 kHz USB - Russian language, S5 to S7 signals nice audio
2995 kHz AM - Russian language, with QRM from 3000 kHz traffic
3000 kHz AM - Russian language, nearly nonstop traffic
3025 kHz AM - Russian language, several OMs talking, very strong (S9+ with powerful modulation)
3055 kHz AM - Russian language, weaker than 3025 AM, peaking at S4-S5, very chatty
3065 kHz AM - Russian language, all radios off-frequency
3080 kHz AM - Russian language, OM chatting very rapidly, strong AM signals S7 to S9+30db
3090 kHz AM - Russian language, OMs and YLs talking, most stations are off-frequency (3089 kHz, 3091 kHz, etc)
3105 kHz AM - Russian language, some with minor overmodulation, S9 to S9+30db very strong
3110 kHz AM - Russian language, lots of QRM due to signals squeezed together around 3 MHz
3115 kHz AM - Russian language, causing serious QRM to 3120 kHz AM and vise-versa (two QSOs going at once)
3120 kHz AM - Russian language, radio checks, very powerful AM signals here (strongest one S9+20db)
3125 kHz AM - Russian language, weak, getting killed by 3120 kHz
3145 kHz AM - Russian language, one station on 3144 kHz talking to another on 3147 kHz
3150 kHz AM - Russian language, different QSO from 3145 kHz, lots of QRM
3160 kHz AM - Russian language - signal strength weaker than most other logs
3170 kHz USB - Russian language, with QRM from 3175 kHz AM
3175 kHz AM - Russian language, several mentions of "microphona" and "microphone"
3200 kHz AM - Russian language
3210 kHz AM - Russian language, several OMs talking with strong signals
3215 kHz AM - Russian language, much weaker than strong signals on 3120 kHz
3225 kHz USB - Russian language
3255 kHz USB - Russian language
3320 kHz AM - Russian language, S4-S5 with lots of fading
3325 kHz USB - Russian language
3350 kHz USB - Russian language, with heavy QRM from CW signal on 3351 kHz
3355 kHz AM - Russian language
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