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Title: Is this Burmese?
Post by: dragund on December 01, 2019, 0532 UTC
I neglected to log the frequency, but last Friday Night, (NYC time) I think I picked up Myanmar Radio.  According to https://www.shortwaveschedule.com/?now=true, I was tuned into the frequency that the station was broadcasting at.  I'd like to take credit for picking up the broadcast that originated 8,405 miles (13,526.54 kilometers) from my location, as this would be a record reception distance for me.  The problem is that I neither speak nor understand Burmese.  I can pick up a number of different languages, but have no idea what this one is.  This is neither great reception, nor great audio, but some words should be recognizable.  Please give a listen and let me know whether this is indeed Burmese.  If not, then any idea what the language is?

Many thanks!



Title: Re: Is this Burmese?
Post by: ulx2 on December 12, 2019, 0148 UTC

This is not Burmese. The station is Radio Romania International in Romanian language.