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Title: QRP contacts
Post by: Matt285 on January 11, 2020, 1509 UTC
I got my PFR-3 (QRP rig) out last night and got on 40 meters for a bit. First station worked was RU6B in Russia. 6158 miles from my QTH here in Florida. Not bad for 5 watts and a low antenna. Also worked some other stations in NC, NJ, NY and other misc. Im on 20m now and have worked a few stations in the Southeast. I need to remember to get on more often and keep my CW skills up. I was a bit rusty at first.
Title: Re: QRP contacts
Post by: Matt285 on January 19, 2020, 2018 UTC
I have been quite busy lately and haven't had much radio time. Last night I worked VE3FXX in London, Ontario as well as some other stations in NJ, NY, PA and NC on my 5 watt rig (40m). I heard a station this am on 20 meters out of Lithuania that I thought I could work, but it was a no go. Had a nice QSO with a station in Chicago, My scrap paper is in the other room and I can't remember the call off hand. Some times I think about buying another FT-817 and going QRP full time, It is very tough at times though, but it's also rewarding when things go in my favor. I've been trying to make at least one contact a day since my CW had gotten a bit rusty. It came back to me pretty quick though.
Title: Re: QRP contacts
Post by: Josh on January 19, 2020, 2325 UTC
I recently got a new qrp rig;
not me, just an example

Prior to that had a Ten Tec 509 I never made a contact with, and a few years ago had a Icom 703. The 509 and 703 are similar in power out, with the Icom having a transmatch built in. The Icom matched a few loops of wire around a window frame in the bedroom providing for ssb contacts with Michigan and elsewhere, the 703s a nice rig but the finals are sensitive and I am brutish to equipment, so you know how that went.

The G90 has much tougher finals as well as a wideband transmatch with the addition of a full 20w out and of course the tiny fish finder.

In cw work, 5w will in many cases make over 90 percent of contacts heard, where 1w will be heard only 10 percent of the time.
The corollary to ssb work is 20w will give you about 90 percent heard call success, where 5w will only be about 10 percent successful.

Cw has other advantages for low power work as many cw ops use headsets rather than a desktop speaker, allowing for better sound detail and noise negation, and the obvious benefit of concentration of energy within a few hundred Hz of filter bandwidth.

Title: Re: QRP contacts
Post by: Matt285 on January 20, 2020, 0155 UTC
Yes. It's true CW makes a big difference. I have made some SSB HFcontacts QRP, but it can be very tough. I did make a lot of SSB contacts on 6 meters when the band was open. I used the FT-817 and a a homemade Moxon beam at 15' rotating with the armstrong method. It's a lot of fun. There is a QRP group that meets once a month about 20 miles from me. I enjoy meeting up, but with three kids and a full time plus job it's tough.
Title: Re: QRP contacts
Post by: Matt285 on January 20, 2020, 2326 UTC
One day when the kids move out I hope to own a Ten Tec Argonaut V and a 526 (AKA 6N2) I love the look of those two models and they would pair together nicely. In this imaginary future I also have large M2 Yagis for 2 and 6 meters. It's a great place I think about before falling asleep. I should add buying Smolinski acres to the dream so I can have all those great antennas as well!
Title: Re: QRP contacts
Post by: MrMomB on February 17, 2020, 0359 UTC
I take my KX3/PX3 camping often and throw some wire in the trees. Always fun making SSB contacts on the upper bands and even DX on 40 and 80.
Title: Re: QRP contacts
Post by: Matt285 on February 17, 2020, 1207 UTC
Yes. I need to make some time to get outside and set up. Before I know it Summer will be here and outside operation in Florida is no fun that time of year.