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Title: WSMR 89.1 Sarasota FL (heard in WV)
Post by: bobbert on April 15, 2020, 1729 UTC
Sorry for the late posting as I was in the midst of driving to a meeting & had no acces to cellular signals to post this....
At 2100 UTC, I was driving down the mountain at Kumbrabow State Forest, located near Elkwater Dam, Randolph County, WV.  When I started down the southeasterly descent, I began hearing a distant radio station playing classical music.  It was at 89.1, FM.  Usually there's an NPR-related station out of Roanoke, VA (on that freq) which I always receive as I travel easterly, & it always has "All Things Considered" during that time frame.  In this case though, there was classical music.  Once I was in the valley, the reception (miraculously) became crystal clear.  When I arrived at the post office (In Huttonsville, 26273), I was able to see the RDS on the display & it showed WSRM, Classical, 89.1.  My elevation at the time was 2,000 feet in the valley.  At the onset of reception, my elevation was close to 2800-feet.
The announcer did a psa for donating old vehicles (for NPR), however, when they did their call letters & numbers (89.1 and 103.9) no geographical location for the radio station was mentioned.
I went back to the supt. residence here at the state forest, looked up the call letters + the frequency, & saw that the station was based outa FLORIDA!!! 
The radio I heard the station on is an AM/FM unit, in a 2012 Ford Excape XLT.  Nothing special, but has very good reception, for a non-touch screen head unit.  Its' RDS Display was showing WSMR; Classical. 89.1
Is this some special type of eskip-event? 

Alternatively, condition of our skies were gray, with a cold front moving, with heavy snowfall.  Local-to-me stations had very poor reception.  lot's of fading and static (no thunderstorms were in the area). 
I should contact the station, however I don't think they'd give a sh!t.
Title: Re: WSMR 89.1 Sarasota FL (heard in WV)
Post by: East Troy Don on April 16, 2020, 0158 UTC
Here's some info on WSMR (and I disagree, the station would be interested in your DX snag).  Distance from the Tampa repeater to Huttonsville WV is 755 miles.
Nice catch.


City   Sarasota, Florida
Broadcast area   Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida, Tampa Bay Area
Branding   Classical WSMR
Slogan   Florida's Classical Music Station
Frequency   89.1 MHz
Translator(s)   103.9 W280DW (Tampa, relays WUSF HD2)
Repeater(s)   89.7-2 WUSF HD2 (Tampa)
First air date   May 1991 (initial license)
Format   Classical music
ERP   54,000 watts
HAAT   135 meters (443 feet)
Class   C1
Facility ID   64255
Transmitter coordinates   276′1.00″N 8222′18.00″W
Former call signs   WAYG (1991-1996)
Owner   University of South Florida
(University of South Florida Board of Trustees)
Sister stations   WUSF
Webcast   Listen Live
Website   wsmr.org
Title: Re: WSMR 89.1 Sarasota FL (heard in WV)
Post by: bobbert on April 16, 2020, 0207 UTC
Alright then!!! I'll give 'em a shout! THANKS EAST TROY DAN for the motivation to do so!
Still, I wasn't all too familiar with FM commercial stations & their feelings about reception reports.
On a side note, I can hear WWVU on a daily basis here at the top of the mountain in Huttonsville, WV. 
I am unsure how to check lineal measurements, but if someone can get me in the right direction, that'd be great.
Wishing that I had a recorder, as I could've snagged the audio from WSMR & then posted it online for proof.
I'll be sure to carry around my Roland RO-5 from here out!
I'm new to any type of DX'ing altogether, & since I'm a manager for a well known place down here, I have no time to study anything about dx'ing or pirate radio & the likes.  Not to make excuses, I just don't have the time to jot down detailed notes or even sit for a few minutes to monitor stations. 
I do make an earnest attempt to hear W.O.R. as much as possible (when I am eating dinner or similar).
Title: Re: WSMR 89.1 Sarasota FL (heard in WV)
Post by: East Troy Don on April 16, 2020, 0213 UTC
Title: Re: WSMR 89.1 Sarasota FL (heard in WV)
Post by: bobbert on April 16, 2020, 0313 UTC
Thanks again!
Much appreciated...
I just sent the station a reception report to WSMR, via email.
I also sent a reception report to a college radio station located in Morgantown, WV.  WWVU, 91.7 FM.  Reception for that station is spotty here, though its always crystal clear & I know of at least three places on the top of our little mountain range here (Rich Mtn) to which I can reliably hear it.  They play some very good modern college-audience-styled music.  Very enjoyable + innovative modern music!