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Title: DNB Logs for June 2020
Post by: Looking-Glass on June 24, 2020, 1237 UTC
Wednesday 24th June 2020:

2.529MHz  CW  IN1  1250z  419 report.
2.506MHz  CW  CC1  1251z  529 report.
2.398MHz  CW  QX3  1204z  319 report.
2.395MHz  CW  WB8  1230z  529 report.
2.367MHz  CW  RG4  1200z  529 report.
2.360MHz  CW  AP8  1255z  419 report.
2.345MHz  CW  AV4  1155z  519 report
2.335MHz  CW  EZ2  1157z  419 report.
2.318MHz  CW  PF7  1210z  419 report.
2.240MHz  CW  BV5  1217z  319 report.
2.225MHz  CW  FI3  1217z  549 report.
2.149MHz  CW  AO1  1214z  539 report.

Title: Re: DNB Logs for June 2020
Post by: Looking-Glass on June 25, 2020, 0630 UTC
Thursday 25th June 2020:

2.515MHz  CW  CN3  0730z  539 report.
2.473MHz  CW  EB2  1031z  559 report.
2.435MHz  CW  CK9  1026z  549 report.
2.395MHz  CW  EW2  1025z  539 report.
2.391MHz  CW  CG7  1039z  519 report.
2.383MHz  CW  FQ2  1041z  529 report.
2.339MHz  CW  3RZN  1814z  519 report.
2.301MHz  CW  PM1  1038z  519 report.
2.300MHz  CW  BC5  1037z  419 report.
2.280MHz  CW  SX3  0625z  549 report.
2.205MHz  CW  AS3  0749z  539 report.
2.159MHz  CW  EG1  0732z  519 report.
2.100MHz  CW  WQ5  0846z  319 report.
2.006MHz  CW  BD0  0842z  419 report.
1.716MHz  CW  EG5  0756z  529 report.
Title: Re: DNB Logs for June 2020
Post by: Looking-Glass on June 26, 2020, 0532 UTC
Friday 26th June 2020:

2.669MHz  CW  DC8  1115z  419 report.
2.586MHz  CW  IT8  0828z  419 report. (also at 1755z 599 report)
2.556MHz  CW  GW1  1133z  529 report.
2.546MHz  CW  HB0  1129z  529 report.  Continuous  (also at 1710z 579-599 report)
2.398MHz  CW  QX4  1712z  529 report.
2.376MHz  CW  TY2  1720z  319 report.
2.373MHz  CW  FY0  0525z  529 report.
2.363MHz  CW  HE6  0620z  519 report.
2.360MHz  CW  AP8  1710z  519 report.
2.290MHz  CW  RS6  1031z  419 report.
2.219MHz  CW  JL0  1101z  319 report.
2.150MHz  CW  IG0  1803z  519 report.
2.149MHz  CW  AO1  1758z  419 report.
2.111MHz  CW  AV2  1727z  419 report.
2.098MHz  CW  AE1  1759z  519 report.
2.080MHz  CW  WG4 0644z  319 report.
2.063MHz  CW  UM4  1805z  319 report. (Continuous)
2.042MHz  CW  MJ0  1730z  319 report.
1.901MHz  CW  CY4  1036z  319 report.
Title: Re: DNB Logs for June 2020
Post by: Looking-Glass on June 27, 2020, 0538 UTC
Saturday 27th June 2020:

2.689MHz  CW  VM6  0530z  529 report. (In very early, only 1535hrs local time, daylight still.)
2.443MHz  CW  BD2  0832z 319 report.
2.367MHz  CW  RG4  0740z  529 report.
2.365MHz  CW  CY8  0737z  419 report.
2.365MHz  CW  RC9  0738z  519 report.
2.335MHz  CW  GS9  1823z  559 report.
2.330MHz  CW  IZ2  2236z  529 report.
2.313MHz  CW  IO3  1808z  519 report.
2.302MHz  CW  MM2  0735z  519 report.
2.265MHz  CW  DA8  2245z  419 report.
2.235MHz  CW  BV2  1804z  419 report.
2.235MHz  CW  GR9  1805z  519 report.
2.226MHz  CW  PM3  1815z  519 report.
2.165MHz  CW  HS3  1812z  419 report. (Continuous)
2.151MHz  CW  CY9  1807z  529 report.
2.148MHz  CW  UB7  2242z  529 report.
2.099MHz  CW  AM0  1705z  419 report.
1.927MHz  CW  MZ2  1145z  319 report.
1.920MHz  CW  OR6  2239z  519 report.
1.910MHz  CW  NN6  2240z  419 report.
1.773MHz  CW  LZ4  1825z  319 report. (Continuous)
Title: Re: DNB Logs for June 2020
Post by: Looking-Glass on June 30, 2020, 0820 UTC
Tuesday 30th June 2020:

2.596MHz  CW  HC6  1232z  519 report.
2.583MHz  CW  JM9  1214z  419 report.
3.565MHz  CW  DN3  1222z  419 report.
2.511MHz  CW  GI9  1700z  559 report.
2.537MHz  CW  RJ7  1637z  559 report.
2.529MHz  CW  IN1  1709z  529 report.
2.527MHz  CW  PO2  1234z  559 report.
2.517MHz  CW  PN9  1710z  419 report.
2.408MHz  CW  AG9  1705z  569 report.
2.398MHz  CW  QB4  1644z  519 report.
2.395MHz  CW  EW0  1115z  539 report.
2.383MHz  CW  FQ2  1123z  569 report.
2.380MHz  CW  CN7  0805z  559 report.
2.370MHz  CW  EL7  1124z  519 report.
2.368MHz  CW  OO7  1216z  559 report.
2.352MHz  CW  OO6 1125z  569 report.
2.343MHz  CW  HY1  1217z  529 report.
2.337MHz  CW  PU7  1122z  419 report.
2.301MHz  CW  PM7  1030z  529 report.
2.275MHz  CW  FC2  0950z  419 report.
2.232MHz  CW  NM3  1032z  519 report. (Continuous)
2.253MHz  CW  DG2  1036z  519 report.
2.216MHz  CW  ZS9  1646z  539 report.
2.206MHz  CW  ZW6  1112z  529 report.
2.077MHz  CW  EH8  1033z  319 report.
2.076MHz  CW  DU3  1126z  559 report.
2.053MHz  CW  FR6  0808z  319 report.
2.021MHz  CW  DW0 0810z  319 report.
2.006MHz  CW  BD0  0800z  519 report.

NB:  If any one in Asia/Pacific region or west coast USA hears any of the DNB's logged please post, UTC date/time and report....thanks. ;)
Title: Re: DNB Logs for June 2020
Post by: Teotwaki on June 30, 2020, 1617 UTC
Great logs! Thanks for posting. They inspire me to keep trying to catch some DNBs again.
Title: Re: DNB Logs for June 2020
Post by: Looking-Glass on July 02, 2020, 1127 UTC
Thursday 02nd July 2020:

2.337MHz  CW  PU7  0940z  529 report.
2.302MHz  CW  OO2  0936z  419 report.
2.301MHz  CW  PM1  0946z  529 report.
2.300MHz  CW  JK4  1103z  529 report.
2.225MHz  CW  FI3   0942z  319 report.