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Title: DNB logs for July 2020
Post by: Looking-Glass on July 03, 2020, 0057 UTC
Friday 03rd July 2020:

2.335MHz  CW  GH9  0146z  419 report. (Another daylight beacon, rare occurence.)
2.275MHz  CW  GE8  0047z  569 report. (Only DNB heard, only 10.47am local time in daylight.)
2.545MHz  CW  ER8  0535z   539 report.
Title: Re: DNB logs for July 2020
Post by: Looking-Glass on July 06, 2020, 1055 UTC
Monday 06th July 2020:

2.669MHz  CW  DC7  1008z  519 report.
2.566MHz  CW  JK5   1715z  319 report.
2.537MHz  CW  IJ6   1028z  419 report.
2.536MHz  CW  IJ3   1025z  319 report.
2.435MHz  CW  CK9  1653z  419 report.
2.390MHz  CW  EL4  1640z  319 report.
2.375MHz  CW  FA6  1632z  419 report.
2.368MHz  CW  OO7 1037z  519 report.
2.367MHz  CW  RG4  1652z  529 report.
2.367MHz  CW  RG4  1037z  419 report.
2.365MHz  CW  FC9  1036z  539 report.
2.360MHz  CW  AP8  1016z  319 report.
2.352MHz  CW  OO6  1140z  419 report.
2.345MHz  CW  CS9  1645z  529 report.
2.343MHz  CW  HY1  1646z  519 report.
2.341MHz  CW  OO5  1012z  529 report.
2.341MHz  CW  AJ8   1013z  519 report.
2.321MHz  CW  UY5  1648z  519 report.
2.314MHz  CW  OO3  1018z  519 report.
2.303MHz  CW  JA4   1033z  419 report.
2.302MHz  CW  OO2  1647z  559 report.
2.207MHz  CW  PS4  1041z  319 report.
2.206MHz  CW  ZW6  1626z  419 report.
2.029MHz  CW  LG9  1655z   319 report. (Continuos)
Title: Re: DNB logs for July 2020
Post by: Looking-Glass on July 07, 2020, 0659 UTC
Tuesday 07th July 2020:

2.669MHz  CW  DC7  0937z  419 report.
2.567MHz  CW  GS2  1204z  519 report.
2.565MHz  CW  DN3  1215z  419 report.
2.527MHz  CW  GU9  0735z  539 report.
2.506MHz  CW  FJ8   0946z  419 report.
2.395MHz  CW  OB8  1128z  519 report.
2.368MHz  CW  OO7  1110z  539 report.
2.360MHz  CW  AP8  0947z  519 report.
2.355MHz  CW  DQ6  1156z  419 report.
2.345MHz  CW  AV4  1158z  529 report.
2.345MHz  CW  CS9  1103z  419 report.
2.343MHz  CW  SY1  1159z  319 report.
2.341MHz  CW  OO5  0737z  559 report.
2.341MHz  CW  AJ8  0814z  539 report.
2.315MHz  CW  DN3  0625z  559 report.
2.314MHz  CW  OO3  0815z  539 report.
2.305MHz  CW  UI6  1107z  319 report.
2.305MHz  CW  ER0  1108z  519 report. (also a third bcn here txing same time as ER0, cannot ident)
2.305MHz  CW  DZ3  1200z 519 report.  (this is the third beacon, finally.)
2.303MHz  CW  JA4  0816z  529 report.
2.302MHz  CW  OO2  0811z  569 report.
2.301MHz  CW  PM0  0939z  539 report.
2.245MHz  CW  AI1  0739z  529 report.
2.226MHz  CW  CA6  1752z  319 report.
2.225MHz  CW  FI3  1106z  529 report.
2.170MHz  CW  PU6  1743z  319 report.
2.151MHz  CW  CY9  0645z  559 report.
2.095MHz  CW  GW4  0648z  529 report.
2.059MHz  CW  DA8  1742z  529 report.
1.801MHz  CW  OA9  1309z  519 report.
1.801MHz  CW  LZ6  1311z  519 report.
1.779MHz  CW  OA7  1323z  419 report.
1.744MHz  CW  AQ1  1328z  319 report.

NB:  The occurence of the "OO" prefix, maybe the same companies beacons?  OO6 was logged previous night on 2.352MHz at 1140z. The "OO" beacons are also very good signal reports too, often quite strong 2.314MHz OO3 was 579 report at 1118z compared to 539 report at 0815z earlier.
Title: Re: DNB logs for July 2020
Post by: Looking-Glass on July 08, 2020, 0314 UTC
Wednesday 08th July 2020:

2.784MHz  CW  LD0  0315z  579 report. (Continuous)
2.692MHz  CW  OZ6  0525z  539 report.
2.619MHz  CW  DB6  0324z  559 report.
2.600MHz  CW  OZ1  0316z  559 report.
2.586MHz  CW  IT8  1156z  539 report.
2.567MHz  CW  GS2  1202z  419 report.
2.556MHz  CW  GW1  0402z  519 report.
2.552MHz  CW  KL8  0342z  419 report.
2.537MHz  CW  HA7  0322z  519 report.
2.515MHz  CW  CN3  0325z  419 report.
2.463MHz  CW  ED8  0349z  419 report.
2.395MHz  CW  ZF9  0300z  569 report.
2.381MHz  CW  ZP0  0301z  579 report.
2.361MHz  CW  QW9  0255z  559 report.
2.330MHz  CW  IZ2  0305z  529 report.
2.314MHz  CW  OO3  1140z  539 report.
2.313MHz  CW  IO3  1138z  559 report.
2.313MHz  CW  BH8  1139z  529 report.
2.311MHz  CW  ZR0  0346z  419 report.
2.265MHz  CW  DA8  0252z  569 report.
2.255MHz  CW  ZP5  0348z  569 report.
2.235MHz  CW  BX2  0257z  539 report.
2.148MHz  CW  UB7  0302z  559 report.
2.079MHz  CW  DP3  0308z  539 report.
1.940MHz  CW  UP1  0628z  579 report.
1.930MHz  CW  NQ0  0400z  319 report.
1.920MHz  CW  OR6  0628z  529 report.
1.918MHz  CW  JU02  0820z  529 report. (Rare two X two call)
1.910MHz  CW  NN6  0629z  559 report.
1.909MHz  CW  HL4  1158z  319 report.
1.853MHz  CW  OB4  0730z  419 report.
1.849MHz  CW  LZ0  0827z  419 report.
1.836MHz  CW LZ9 0750z  419 report.
1.801MHz  CW  OA9  0733z  419 report.
1.801MHz  CW  LZ6 0747z  419 report.
1.789MHz  CW  PO9  0745z  319 report.
1.785MHz  CW LZ5  0743z  319 report.
1.782MHz  CW  PO8  0815z  419 report.
1.773MHz  CW LZ4  1145z  519 report.
1.759MHz  CW  LZ3 0732z  319 report.
1.758MHz  CW  OA5  0731z  319 report.
1.749MHz  CW  RO2  1137z  529 report.
1.744MHz  CW  RQ1  1142z  519 report.
1.744MHz  CW  LZ2  1143z  519 report.
1.716MHz  CW  EG5  0626z  519 report.

NB: Unusual to hear so many DNB's in hours of daylight here, considering I am 110kms in a direct line from the ocean with a mountain range in between. To convert the time, 0300z is 1.00pm local time here. This is by far the most DNB's logged in a single afternoon during daylight hours. Signals started to drop away around 0400z. Comments from propagation experts welcome... :)

The "LZ" group:

Close scrutiny of the call signs logged will see the "LZ" prefix occuring on the 1MHz band, so the total logged is: LZ0, LZ9, LZ6, LZ5, LZ4, LZ3, & LZ2 so far this month.  Multiple use of the same frequency is also common and often up to three different call signs can be heard on the same frequency during a monitoring session, some spaced apart (timing sequence) and others bunched together and thus overlapping making identification difficult.
Title: Re: DNB logs for July 2020
Post by: Looking-Glass on July 10, 2020, 1754 UTC
Friday 10th July 2020:

2.620MHz  CW  DB6  0647z  559 report.
2.565MHz  CW  DN3  2328z  419 report.
2.506MHz  CW  FJ8  1726z  419 report.
2.473MHz  CW  EB2  1742z  419 report.
2.408MHz  CW  AG9  1720z  519 report.
2.395MHz  CW  EW0  1801z  519 report.
2.395MHz  CW  ZF9  1813z  539 report. (539 report at 2336z)
2.388MHz  CW  GK6  1810z  519 report.
2.385MHz  CW  BU8  1739z  519 report.
2.367MHz  CW  RG4  1718z  519 report.
2.365MHz  CW  QR8  1811z  419 report.
2.365MHz  CW  FC9  1812z  319 report.
2.365MHz  CW  CY8  1816z  529 report.
2.361MHz  CW  ZW1  1905z  559 report.
2.360MHz  CW  AP8  1737z  319 report.
2.341MHz  CW  AJ8  1736z  419 report.
2.330MHz  CW  IZ2  1909z  529 report. (519 report at 2330z)
2.328MHz  CW  QW0  1856z  559 report. (419 report at 2325z)
2.312MHz  CW  UY5  1904z  519 report.
2.308MHz  CW  CI7  2335z  559 report.
2.305MHz  CW  DB3  1910z  519 report.
2.300MHz  CW  JK2  1723z  529 report.
2.285MHz  CW  CX1  0052z  519 report.
2.147MHz  CW  FA9  1800z  539 report. (Actually txing 2.147.3MHz)
2.139MHz  CW  4FRL  1916z  529 report. (Continuous, rare 1 X 3 call sign) NB: This beacon was last heard on 18th May 2019 at 1933z.
2.116MHz  CW  DB31  1725z  529 report. (Rare two X two call)
2.111MHz  CW  NA3  1823z  419 report.
2.111MHz  CW  AV2  1824z  529 report.
2.100MHz  CW  WQ5  1753z  319 report.
2.099MHz  CW  AM0  1753z 519 report.
2.088MHz  CW  ZZ9  1917z  519 report.
2.080MHz  CW  QI0  1803z  319 report.
2.080MHz  CW  WG4  1805z  319 report.
2.070MHz  CW  XK4  2330z  319 report.
2.069MHz  CW  AQ3  1858z  419 report. (Continuous)
2.058MHz  CW  LT6  1817z  529 report.
2.053MHz  CW  FR6  1820z  529 report.
2.053MHz  CW  TS0  1836z  319 report.
2.043MHz  CW  TW6  1719z  419 report.
2.028MHz  CW  UT6  1754z  319 report.
2.023MHz  CW  UJ0  1735z  319 report.

NB:  Nothing heard on 1.7 to 2.0MHz section, or 2.7 to 2.8MHz section either, strange. Some still audible around 2300z during daylight, or 9.00am local time.
Title: Re: DNB logs for July 2020
Post by: Looking-Glass on July 18, 2020, 0832 UTC
Saturday 18th July 2020:

2.619MHz  CW  DB6  0813z  549 report.
2.556MHz  CW  GW1  0827z  559 report.
2.463MHz  CW  ED8  0849z  419 report.
2.437MHz  CW  SK0  0822z  419 report.
2.395MHz  CW  ZF9  0836z  589 report.
2.373MHz  CW  FY0  0812z  579 report.
2.365MHz  CW  QR8  1704z  319 report.
2.363MHz  CW  HE6  0805z  559 report.
2.330MHz  CW  IZ2  0810z  519 report.
2.300MHz  CW  JK4  1700z  319 report.
2.285MHz  CW  CX1  1030z  529 report.
2.265MHz  CW  DA8  0825z  569 report.
2.206MHz  CW  CP2  0820z  519 report.
2.205MHz  CW  TEEE 0824z  529 report. (Misfiring beacon, fault or low battery.)
2.165MHz  CW  HH3  1029z  319 report.
2.149MHz  CW  AO1  1022z  419 report.
2.148MHz  CW  UB7  1022z  539 report.
2.079MHz  CW  DP3  0847z  519 report.
2.070MHz  CW  XK3  0846z  419 report.
Title: Re: DNB logs for July 2020
Post by: Looking-Glass on July 23, 2020, 0631 UTC
Thursday 23rd July 2020:

2.635MHz  CW  UL9  1130z  519 report.
2.600MHz  CW  RZ1  0621z  319 report.
2.575MHz  CW  BN5  0639z  319 report.
2.556MHz  CW  GW1  0615z  519 report.
2.546MHz  CW  HB0  0641z  419 report.
2.552MHz  CW  KL8  0628z  319 report.
2.403MHz  CW  CF3  2145z  539 report.
2.398MHz  CW  QX4  1025z  319 report.
2.395MHz  CW  OB8  1026z  419 report.
2.395MHz  CW  EW0  1131z  319 report. (also OB8 two minutes later)
2.373MHz  CW  FY0  0623z  539 report.
2.365MHz  CW  FC9  0625z  319 report.
2.365MHz  CW  QR8  2102z  419 report.
2.352MHz  CW  OO6  0817z  529 report.
2.352MHz  CW  LC7  2158z  529 report.
2.330MHz  CW  IZ2  0632z  519 report.
2.314MHz  CW  OO3  1040z  529 report.
2.281MHz  CW  BR1  1136z  529 report.
2.280MHz  CW  SX3  1027z  539 report.
2.240MHz  CW  BV5  1135z  419 report.
2.215MHz  CW  EJ8  1027z  419 report.
2.070MHz  CW  XK4  0820z  319 report.
Title: Re: DNB logs for July 2020
Post by: Looking-Glass on July 25, 2020, 0823 UTC
Saturday 25th of July 2020:

2.443MHz CW  BD2  0811z  419 report.
2.373MHz  CW  FY0  1104z  539 report.
2.365MHz  CW  CY9  0825z  419 report. (Continuous)
2.352MHz  CW  OO6  1102z  559 report.
2.341MHz  CW  OO5  0815z  569 report.
2.314MHz  CW  OO3  1101z  519 report.
2.300MHz  CW  JK4  1715z  519 report.
2.275MHz  CW  FY2  0816z  419 report. 
2.255MHz  CW  ZP5  0809z  559 report.
1.785MHz  CW  LZ5  0858z  539 report.
1.779MHz  CW  OA7  0855z  529 report.
1.759MHz  CW  LZ3  0903z  519 report.
1.749MHz  CW  RO2  0912z  319 report.