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Title: Part #15 Carrier-Current, Radiating 100mW, AM Stereo? Boomer's got it!
Post by: ThaDood on October 01, 2020, 1747 UTC
The stuff that Boomer has collected is now a really nice read, and info downloads! (And then some.)      http://boomerthedog.net/radio.html
Now, probably the best on-line source for Carrier-Current AM operations. Not to mention AM C-QUAM Stereo via Part #15. Another good source is this page about James R. Cunningham,  http://lowpowerradio.blogspot.com/2015/11/low-power-am-circuits-of-james-r.html   
However, what I need to do is to make a good .PDF copy of the Ernest Wilson book - Carrier Current Techniques: The Wired Wireless Broadcasting, from 1979's Panaxis Productions. He shows you how you can build it all from the ground up.