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Title: KiwiSDR Clone Wars
Post by: ChrisSmolinski on October 03, 2020, 1130 UTC
The Clone Wars continue. Now there's someone on AliExpress selling the KiwiSDR with a 16 bit LTC2208 ADC.  The PCB in the photo has the KiwiSDR logo and everything. I am guessing they made their own batch of PCBs vs something that fell off the back of a truck?  Huge heatsink on the ADC, and yet it still seems like the gods of thermodynamics have not been quite appeased. Pretty sure this won't live long in the standard enclosure with a tiny fan. 

Sounds like you're getting a dodgy used BeagleBone CPU board that they don't guarantee will even work. Oh but hey, it's "complimentary"  ;)

Still not sure how the costs add up with that LTC2208.  Pulls from salvaged equipment? Sigh.


Here's their listing text:

kiwisdr ADC direct sampling SDR receiver, ADC chip LTC2208, due to the use of 16bit ADC chip to replace the original 14bitADC chip, the heat is a bit fierce, I have tried my best to cover the heat sink, and I have a fever!
Network sharing SDR receiver, working with network cable, can be accessed via LAN or remote external network after registration
kiwisdr can support 10k-32Mhz medium wave shortwave reception, support AM NFM DRM LSB USB FAX CW and other modes of decoding reception, and the maximum reception display bandwidth is 32M at a time.
The price includes a complimentary beaglebone base plate (used) and a power cord, which can be used directly. One set will be tested before it is sent out. Due to the particularity of the bottom plate, the bottom plate is a gift accessory and will not be returned or guaranteed.