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Title: equip question : new member: first post, i need help
Post by: bubba on October 07, 2020, 1737 UTC
Good Morning .
since my youth i have been interested in SWL and things radio. trying to ramp up . in my youth [last century@1972]damn nearly 50 year ago ran big truck gypsy coast to coast, border to border, i did whistle babble and bark a bit on the old 2-way.
need help and advice
1]Realistic DX-302 bought new on hand INOP https://www.dxing.com/rx/dx302.htm (https://www.dxing.com/rx/dx302.htm)
2] Galaxy DX959 ,  truck stop special peek & toon . https://www.amazon.com/Galaxy-DX-959-Channel-Mobile-Frequency-Counter/dp/B00415KISO (https://www.amazon.com/Galaxy-DX-959-Channel-Mobile-Frequency-Counter/dp/B00415KISO)
3]KL203P on order . i just wanted the 26Db ant preamp [heh] https://www.rmitaly.com/en/product/kl203p-2/ (https://www.rmitaly.com/en/product/kl203p-2/)
4]pyramid ps12kx power supply ,on hand , i kinda wish it was a bigger one , https://www.amazon.com/PYRAMID-PS12KX-POWER-SUPPLY-13-8V/dp/B007ST9C5A/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=pyramid+ps12kx&qid=1602084797&s=electronics&sr=1-1 (https://www.amazon.com/PYRAMID-PS12KX-POWER-SUPPLY-13-8V/dp/B007ST9C5A/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=pyramid+ps12kx&qid=1602084797&s=electronics&sr=1-1)
5] Sirio GPE 5/8  ant https://www.sirioantenne.it/en/products/hf/gpe-5-8-gps-1-2 (https://www.sirioantenne.it/en/products/hf/gpe-5-8-gps-1-2)
6] Long wire . from the top of a tall steel pole down to a tree. disconnected [wires where those wires ]

lots and lots of questions known knowns , known unknowns , and unknown unknowns .. need help with all ..
assemble Siro 5/8 stick w. ground plane , fix to an extendable 10-18 foot Floating Pole , attach 75' coax PL 259 ant t
do not intend to bond the 5/8 to the pole , need to work on a RF ground [copper pipe and speaker wire] ,
possible config: DX-959 & to KL203P to Astatic (302-PDC2) SWR/RF/Field Strength Test Meter to  Siro GPE 5/8 .. test QRP test w/ 2nd switch on the 203
this is a fair expensive bit of kit hull thing can go out for Field Day , floating stick w the 5/8 , set up in a clearing on the Tennessee Divide ,between the rivers .take a half gallon of whisky ,turn all the knobs to the right , whistle ,bark, jabber .. CQ .. CQ ..CQ ..Tennessee Whiskey on the Tennessee Divide Land  Between the Rivers Tennessee and Cumberland , can you pick me out . QRP , over.
that Aught to give a number of people a target .
i will check back for response in a bit . and get back when the stick is up with a sitrep.
ps: just doing this on account of the solar minimum and 100 years of skip . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skywave (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skywave)Radio amateurs conducted the first successful transatlantic tests in December 1921, operating in the 200 meter mediumwave band (1500 kHz)—
Title: Re: equip question : new member: first post, i need help
Post by: bubba on October 08, 2020, 0158 UTC
Sorry no RX rpt  .
equip rpt
Italian GPE 5/8 wave ground plane 26.4-29 mhz tuneable recvd in good condition . Very Nice , what a nice stick . walmart special big stick and 100 foot cable for 100$ .
shipped from Calif. 2nd day and took a week or more. AIR to BNA.
even w/o cabling up  i highly rec. this item. so pleasing.
the only down check is the attachment of the nylon housing/bushing /fitting between the very nice extendable alumin. stick , [ some really tight tolerances observed]
the keepers on the bush are inadequate .  easy fix, holes located well and easy drilled needs 3 bolts & nuts washers , kinda long , NA here so i glued it up w/ E6000 face fit edges top and bottom . in addition glued/sealed the clear housing over the bottom loading coil.
24-72 hrs to cure, Ill try to get it hooked up to the dx-302 Domani [ it is an Italian Thing]
will the DX-302 just boom in with this like i think ? or not .. place your bets sigrpt domani.

inspecting again .. the OD and ID of the telescoping aluminum tubs is *perfect*    wonder what the alloy is.. ..
i have a deal for you..  aluminium alloy 6063 T-832
i ordered too soon  and missed out , the thing i got true length is 17 '  this things true length is nearly 24 foot..
hot deal at amazon   Sirio New Tornado , 5/8 wave and 50 foot of cable 110$ delivered .  last left . i need it.. i want it ..
thing will take  1KW  - 3KW bursts  .
light weight well fitted ..
https://www.amazon.com/Sirio-Tornado-27-30-Tunable-Antenna/dp/B07DZN1C31/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=NEW+TORNADO+sirio&qid=1602120554&s=electronics&sr=1-1 (https://www.amazon.com/Sirio-Tornado-27-30-Tunable-Antenna/dp/B07DZN1C31/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=NEW+TORNADO+sirio&qid=1602120554&s=electronics&sr=1-1)
check out this exposed bottom loading coil https://www.sirioantenne.it/en/products/hf/new-tornado (https://www.sirioantenne.it/en/products/hf/new-tornado)
gosh if it so well made as its little brother i could rig this for field day.. easy .. need a team 3 to deploy.
wazzit Z code more to follow
im happy  do not need a kw on the base 11  M . they would come get me. , and little brother 5/8 wave has the cute basket on the Top.. its gotta do something [what another question unanswered] QRP
im bummed out now . brought the ant inside  and cabled it up  to the old dx-302  , abt 6 foot  stick >coax>pl259>receiver.in the house . nothing , i think my receiver is broke,  true no ground nuttin , but i have a fair high power BCB  MW AM on a tall tower pretty near , nothing  i turned the dials from bottom to top . . id put this old thing in the shop , if there was one. id ship it to a good shop for overhaul .
i trust whenever the 959 comes and it will be a different story , not to mention the hot box.
i have a old CB +Rat here+ wife bought at a truck stop wanted me to install . box says 40 channel TRC 520 w weather.. actual unit is a TRC-50 ... this thing is an artifact  realistic mini-23.. has a button on the front , 1-12 or 13-23.. a old double crystal ..

this thing is an artifact
i hope to get the Sirio up tomorrow , cable up this crystal rig .. test both .

Title: Re: equip question : new member: first post, i need help
Post by: bubba on October 14, 2020, 2109 UTC
never did get a signal in on the dx-302 , forget the splitter. doing my SWL using N3JLY link. works good. now listening to 6.925 mhz .. + im the one they call the 7nth son+
all equip recd . in good condition. paid f/ hr bench time all checked.. power out of the box stated tx 1-4 peak 12 , turned up tp tx 2-8 peak 30 .. thars enuf f/ a NV . In for a penny , in for a pound . connected KL 203P  wonder if it works. did a smoke test . all the wires and parts seemed to retain the smoke.
antenna tuned by measure results in SWR less than 1 ch 1  ,1 @ 27.185, 1.5 ch 40 . i intend to let it down and shorten length by 1/4 inch and test again
it is a chore for an old man , lucky its light 18 foot pole & 17 foot antenna old man can handle. would be nice on a chimney mount .
itis only on a 10 foot pole just now . in the next config abt 1/2 wave off the ground to the bottom of the antenna , 17 foot antenna .  5/8 wave . i think it should work. however  no reception rpts .. yet . RX seems good 27.185 + the road+ La Strada + Federico Fellini
Title: Re: equip question : new member: first post, i need help
Post by: bubba on October 14, 2020, 2307 UTC
all done. set by length was 600mm , set by +cheep+ meter reducd it to 500mm.the organic dx 959 swr meter never showed deflection, the pos astic pdc2 showed 1.5 on ch 40 no deflection ch1. after antenna shortening by 100mm ch 40 showed 1-2 increment [.3 per maybe ?] ch 19 showed 2 increment , ch 1 showed 3 increment . too old and tired to jerk around abt 0ne increment .pole and antenna is up set in acceptable condition , next task is to install a RF ground to the cable .   now i need a reception report. sure should be transmitting , new radio bench tested , new cable , new antenna , hooked up on a 18 foot pole 500 ft ASL  hills and hollers as they say here abouts.
it on the 3's Now . gonna go up and do Radio 333.. ch 3 am . but will do ch 33 USB vice 36 .. rule of 3's ch 33. .
last post on this string . well maybe i get a radio reception report will close this out.
Title: Re: equip question : new member: first post, i need help
Post by: Stretchyman on October 15, 2020, 0902 UTC
Hi Bubba, your posts are quite detailed but I can see they focus around CB.

Doubt there's many CB types on this forum and with the current conditions (sunspot cycle) you'll be very lucky to hear anything beyond line of site.

Here in Blighty there been some sporadic E type (100-500 mile) signals but they are only around briefly this time of year.

I'd focus your efforts below 10MHz as that's where most of the action is and will be for the next few years.

Regards from the UK.

Title: Re: equip question : new member: first post, i need help
Post by: bubba on October 15, 2020, 1452 UTC
i have been studying radio propagation  since my SWL receiver is apparently inop i have using the T2FD KiwiSDR link above. like it. my first night monitoring listened to hams chewing the fat and a station from down under[by the accents]
11 meters = cb .. if i obtained a Amateur Radio Technician License [entry level]would have to learn code or work 10 meter band voice and it is dead too. USA opened the CB's for DX work [but not to foreign countries] http://www.arrl.org/getting-your-technician-license (http://www.arrl.org/getting-your-technician-license)
the principles of radio do not change measurably between 10-11 meters .
i have hopes of finding another +Hobbyist  on a Hill +in the local area .. and wait for solar cycle 25 to progress.
there are other elements to the hobby.
i still need help with this equipment.
using the nomograph pg 18 fig 19 in TM 11-666 given base station [full power + emergency power]w/ 5/8 wave antenna on a 1/2 wave pole on a ridge at 540 ASL  and another transceiver on a ridge 640 ASL at what range would you expect LOS [line of sight] . could you expect communication if the 2nd unit  was manpack 1 watt and a flex antenna , 4 watt w/ a flex antenna , what would be the simplest,  easily fabricated and deployable , field expedient antenna .. ? 1/2 wave doublet  o 1/2 wave doublet would be ?appx 5.5 meters ? humm sounds like a really fine citizens field day. ,,
11 M CB  is dead air around here, the only entertainment is Truckers La Strada 27.185
HF Radio more to follow
Title: Re: equip question : new member: first post, i need help
Post by: bubba on October 16, 2020, 2008 UTC
i continue :more equipment a cute little HF-cb -11 meter QRP Midland 75-822 40 Channel CB-Way Radio  https://midlandusa.com/product/75-822cb-radio/
1 or 4 watt  i wish it was SSB .... reports say "it might get a mile w/ the rubber duck"
so a bigger flex would be indicated , bnc and or PL 259 ..intention : range tests at var power out put & antenna assy.
i examine the 1944 ver. and the 1965 ver
from the 1987 ver
the formula :
3-8. Antenna Length
To calculate the physical length of an antenna, use a correction of 0.95 for frequencies between 3.0 and 50.0 MHz. The
figures given below are for a half-wave antenna.
Length (meters) = 150 X 0.95 / Frequency in MHz
 = 142.5 / Frequency in MHz
Length (feet) = 492 X 0.95 / Frequency in Mhz
 = 468 / Frequency in MHz
thus:for 27.185 a 1/4 wave wire would be 8.6 feet
examine figure 3-26,3-33,3-34
Fabricate a field expedient Bent Bamboo antenna  , 1/2 wave Dipole /Hertz vertical iaw 3-34

BUT: the transmission lines illustrated are +twisted pair+ so i have become confused  i need to go study 11-666 on transmission lines
help me.
would it not be +fun+ bent bamboo antenna 1/2 wave vertical .. test with 1 watt , test with 4 watt , test with 8 watt .test var distance .. throw a hundred into it .. watch for smoke being released from the parts and wires..
i think i am missing something . somekinda balancing thing electronically speaking .
i still do not know if my DX 959 transceiver is fully functional . RX really good , under the radio theory of antenna reciprocity should be transmitting , have a little 60 cycle hum which rf ground might help . xmit and the needles wave . swr with slight needle movement. turn on the heater[emergency power]  KL-203P and get quite the needle movement, swr 1.5 .just the transceiver is in technical violation if i can believe the bench test. i need to get the little midland set so as i will know more

 i try to operate iaw FM 24-18 CHAPTER 6 ELECTRONIC WARFARE 6-4. Signal Security.. key words SELDOM UP

i think i need a AN/PRC-70 Manpack get in some big trouble with that
https://www.torontosurplus.com/cincinatti-an-prc-70-prc70-rt-1133-hf-vhf-transceiver-missing-power-supply-board.html (https://www.torontosurplus.com/cincinatti-an-prc-70-prc70-rt-1133-hf-vhf-transceiver-missing-power-supply-board.html)
http://www.greenradio.de/e_prc70.htm (http://www.greenradio.de/e_prc70.htm)
Title: Re: equip question : new member: first post, i need help
Post by: bubba on October 17, 2020, 0239 UTC
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balun (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balun)
BALUN thats the word i could not recall a +balancing thing electronically speaking portmanteau of "balanced to unbalanced")
https://rsgb.org/main/get-started-in-amateur-radio/antennas/your-first-antenna-the-half-wave-dipole/ (https://rsgb.org/main/get-started-in-amateur-radio/antennas/your-first-antenna-the-half-wave-dipole/)

https://www.ebay.com/itm/11-Meter-CB-Half-Wave-Dipole-Antenna-with-W2FMI-Balun-11HWDB-/142643335295?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10 (https://www.ebay.com/itm/11-Meter-CB-Half-Wave-Dipole-Antenna-with-W2FMI-Balun-11HWDB-/142643335295?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10)
the thing
why should an Old Man with a pocket full of American Buffalo Coin sweat about design and config.. Buy American Buy Now.
Bill  K9EIF says it will take 1500 Whttps://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/1ykAAOSw9gRaS6lj/s-l1600.jpg (https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/1ykAAOSw9gRaS6lj/s-l1600.jpg)
order this hertz NOW +executed+
get the midland on order , tomorrow ,  to include a pl259>BNC adapter and some cable . humm what else .. 35 watt linear hehe ..
get bills rig , 18 foot of coax , pl 259 > BNC adapter , the midland  pocket radio 11 meters ..
lots and lots tests possible .. it would be nice to have a switch box on the antenna feed .. and a good monitor down range ..Can you hear me Now?
bills rig looks good to me , easy to string up with the Expedient Bamboo Vertical dipole ..
establish contact ... sirio 5/8 ground plane on a 1/2 wave pole . 1 watt. 4 watt , 8 watt , .. the blower 
switch :
vertical hertz 1/2 wave dipole expedient Bamboo  repeat all .
send a operator +Down Range+ test 1 watt on the ridges , 4 watt on the ridges , with the duck, deploy the bamboo vertical , test ..hook up the Blower
very nice training zone
Title: Re: equip question : new member: first post, i need help
Post by: bubba on October 23, 2020, 0527 UTC
to continue :
i reviewed this document

https://www.hamradio-operating-ethics.org/versions/ (https://www.hamradio-operating-ethics.org/versions/)
Title: Re: equip question : new member: first post, i need help
Post by: syfr on October 26, 2020, 1136 UTC

Title: Re: equip question : new member: first post, i need help
Post by: Stretchyman on October 26, 2020, 1322 UTC
Lots of detail about what (other than CB)?
Yes rather confusing for me too.

What are you trying to say /achieve?

We can help!

Maybe just a couple of lines, keep it short and sweet!

Title: Re: equip question : new member: first post, i need help
Post by: RobRich on October 27, 2020, 2316 UTC
It would seem he intends to run a Midland CB into a 35w amp. Correct?

4 watts probably will drive such a small amp into oscillation, particularly on AM, but I not sure many would notice anyway given the vacancy of the band outside of sporadic E openings for DX or the usual multiple-kilowatt superstations talking over each other. Even more so when compared to the typical overdriven and/or unfiltered splatter boxes on 11m; and far too often on amateur bands as well. o.0

Initial advice? If the transceiver and/or microphone have adjustable mic gains, please do not immediately crank the settings to their highest levels. I would rather try to copy a clean QRP signal than try to "interpret" to an overmodulated and heavily clipping strong signal.

Anyway, onto the the antenna aspect. A basic wire antenna can handle thousands of watts assuming correct wire gauge, tuning, common mode choking, etc.

That said take wattage ratings on loaded, matched, trapped, etc. 11m antennas with the proverbial grain of salt. Tubes can be expensive. Transistors can be expensive. Plan your antenna system accordingly.

I still have a Shakespeare 318GBT 18' vertical deployed at the QTH. I rarely use it for much of anything these days, but I picked it up years ago to replace an even older one from a previous QTH that finally failed after many years of outright neglect. Ground mount, add a few short radials, install a choke if desired, and retune the coil. Great vertical antenna for upper HF. This one has held up nicely over several years of abusive Florida weather thus far.
Title: Re: equip question : new member: first post, i need help
Post by: bubba on November 14, 2020, 0926 UTC
Nice set of response .tyvm good input. think i am hearing Melbourne 11.275 25 m .. just now. kiwi
DX-959 +truck stop special+ 11 m + hour of bench time the tested and tweaked .. variable RF out put 2-8 ,clean signal i hope,  RM Italy KL 203-p 100w  . 10 meter 40W export units were readily available .
Sirio 5/8 wave  ground plane  affixed to a 1/2 wave aluminum pole . 75 " cable > astatic PDC2 swr and power it says>KL-203P  23dB preamp rx ,, 100 w tx  am more so in the SSB . >DX-958 ..
set the dials about 1/3 looking for contact, adjust as required .
this is not to say i have not gone full up..
blew a 4 amp fuse to the 203-p
hard wired it .
blew out the 10 amp/12 surge power supply .. oops.
monday  bigger unit arrives.
thing should be putting a signal out.
QRP well  a'int qrp local if it is transmitting i am blowing there socks off.. local i would be big ears looking for QRP
best i can tell i am going to have to get another set to get a good radio check[
i have another antenna i can deploy ..wire  dipole with a heavy duty balun .. throw the cord high
when i go to high power with the new power supply i should really be in the zone.
i noticed on the transmitter when i enabled the kl 203 p the lights dimmed and the needle dropped ..

not a bad set .. i wish i could find another hobbyest of a hill about 35 miles down range .. get on the SSB and yodel a one another
Title: Re: equip question : new member: first post, i need help
Post by: bubba on November 14, 2020, 1042 UTC
11.275 mHz has nice music . coming in strong
my intent is to get this set up and working .
Citizen Band 11 meter covering the southern entrance to the + Land between the Lakes +
if i can get it up send a runner into the woods with a  1 watt  / 4 watt unit and test range . 
or someone in a car .. 4 watt . .. more with a heater . test local range .

and when the skip rolls   post up on the 11 meter section  , sending signal ,..

however . no  radio reception report .

https://www.amazon.com/Galaxy-DX-959-Channel-Mobile-Frequency-Counter/dp/B00415KISO (https://www.amazon.com/Galaxy-DX-959-Channel-Mobile-Frequency-Counter/dp/B00415KISO)
looks like a good set ..lots dials . set all about 1/3 , i put a D104 power mic on it  https://www.amazon.com/Astatic-302-10005-D104M6B-Amplified-Microphone/dp/B000KEY7MS (https://www.amazon.com/Astatic-302-10005-D104M6B-Amplified-Microphone/dp/B000KEY7MS) (https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81DdAXqMGOL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)
10:40 Z  11.725  mHz.. rock and rolling
Title: Re: equip question : new member: first post, i need help
Post by: ddasty on December 11, 2020, 2305 UTC
Ciao Bubba are you Italian ?
Li magni i Gatti ?

Dai butta via tutto dei cb !
Title: Re: equip question : new member: first post, i need help
Post by: BoomboxDX on December 24, 2020, 0516 UTC
Nice looking CB radio.
Title: Re: equip question : new member: first post, i need help
Post by: CoolAM Radio on December 29, 2020, 0250 UTC
Hi Bubba!

Maybe you'll find anything of your interest

https://www.mediafire.com/folder/i9z8yhjj1bdll/CB_%2B_HAM_RADIO_INFORMATION (https://www.mediafire.com/folder/i9z8yhjj1bdll/CB_%2B_HAM_RADIO_INFORMATION)


CoolAM Radio - Shortwave
the Netherlands