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Title: 12M Band opening
Post by: Matt285 on November 23, 2020, 1503 UTC
12M had some activity yesterday. I was able to work Aruba, Trinidad and Panama on USB using 5 watts and a dipole. Haven't worked 12 in quite some time. Glad to see the band active.
Title: Re: 12M Band opening
Post by: ThaDood on November 23, 2020, 1905 UTC
I heard a weak station in there as well on 12M yesterday. Maybe I heard you doing a band-scan. Thought that it might be folks looking to get away from contestants.
Title: Re: 12M Band opening
Post by: Matt285 on November 23, 2020, 1946 UTC
Yup. I was definitely staying away from the contest stations. Gotta love the WARC bands!
Title: Re: 12M Band opening
Post by: Matt285 on November 24, 2020, 0029 UTC
Stations worked
Aruba - P43K
Trinidad - 9Z4FE
Panama - HP9SAM
Title: Re: 12M Band opening
Post by: N9QIW on December 06, 2020, 0745 UTC
I worked a little FT8 on the 12 meter band around that same date window with some success:

            Call sign   Worked   Date/Time   Band   Mode   Freq   QSL
Details   N9QIW   NS9I   2020-11-26 21:19:30   12M   FT8   24.91600   UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Details   N9QIW   AC8TO   2020-11-28 22:01:15   12M   FT8   24.91660   UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

And our colleagues in Japan appreciated me as well (worked every Japanese station that answered my CQ...someday I might need the favor returned so made some coffee and answered one after another) on the 17 meter band:

Details   N9QIW   JH1EIG   2020-11-28 22:49:00   17M   FT8   18.10210   JAPAN
Details   N9QIW   JH1FSB   2020-11-28 22:45:00   17M   FT8   18.10210   JAPAN
Details   N9QIW   JA8BNP   2020-11-28 22:41:15   17M   FT8   18.10215   JAPAN
Details   N9QIW   JR2TZJ   2020-11-28 22:38:15   17M   FT8   18.10215   JAPAN
Details   N9QIW   JH1CJY   2020-11-28 22:34:15   17M   FT8   18.10215   JAPAN
Details   N9QIW   JA7CSS   2020-11-28 22:31:30   17M   FT8   18.10215   JAPAN
Details   N9QIW   JF2AIJ   2020-11-28 22:29:30   17M   FT8   18.10215   JAPAN
Details   N9QIW   KA9FOX   2020-11-28 22:27:45   17M   FT8   18.10175   UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Details   N9QIW   W4LAS   2020-11-26 20:55:15   17M   FT8   18.10140   UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Details   N9QIW   JJ2BXL   2020-11-25 22:41:45   17M   FT8   18.10195   JAPAN
Details   N9QIW   WB8UFC   2020-11-25 22:33:00   17M   FT8   18.10215   UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Details   N9QIW   W4IEE   2020-11-25 22:30:45   17M   FT8   18.10215   UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Details   N9QIW   RU0LL   2020-11-25 22:22:15   17M   FT8   18.10205   ASIATIC RUSSIA