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Title: rain
Post by: pinto vortando on June 26, 2021, 0902 UTC
Four inches of rain yesterday (Friday 6-25-21), 3 inches of which fell last evening in a 1 1/2 hour period resulting in some minor neighborhood street flooding.
Presently raining this morning with more on the way throughout the day into tonight and more tomorrow.
Looks like we get to make up for the relatively dry Spring and Summer so far all in a few days. 
Title: Re: rain
Post by: NQC on July 04, 2021, 0056 UTC
Hey Pinto.

Rounds  of  thunderstorms lately , some severe .

6-30-21 : PM   100 degrees, then absolute monster Cumulonimbus w/huge vicious  anvils and  high winds. Sky turned green just to our South.Outflow winds higher than seen  here in quite a while. 
Up to 300 + flashes every 10 minutes in area .  Thunderstorm outflow   downdraft wind   boundary, well outside /ahead from precip area  was  visible on Radar,  length 25 + mi long .

Second 6-30-21 round of thunderstorms after dark, much lightning,  and much more rain than earlier severe event. I caught some nice high altitude lighting on video.

Copious rains lately- cumulative,since Wed,  3 " + in gauge . Some "training" /"conveyor belt"  precip events  lasting all night.

7/3/21: PM was VERY heavy , almost torrential ,  rain with occasional lightning,  then an hour or so  break of only light  rain , then  just "heavy" rain  with  a  few more bolts. Yet the closest SURFACE feature was  150 + miles to South. Stuff apparently happening upstairs. Cool (to almost   COLD)  for July.

Wild , you gotta love New England

I am still welcoming  ALL the water we get though. Still a blessing, No "excess" yet.

Title: Re: rain
Post by: NQC on July 07, 2021, 1927 UTC
Hey Pinto, All.

More rounds of heavy Thunderstorms yesterday.1000+ bolts / hr in area.

Heavy rain , 3/4” w/ some very small very close but not very loud strikes.

3 strikes within 500 ft or less to East.

Could see pale Peach Orange bolt, not overly bright.
Low amperage /“sort of high” voltage ?

Instant high pitch crack of respectable but not overly loud thunder. Like fireworks ,not thunder explosions.

This happened 3 times close to me and a few more maybe 1/3 to 1/2 mile.

Fast moving, edge of severe cell , but only weak strikes, moderate to heavy rain and maybe gust 40.Biblical looking though.

I have seen ultra weak in cloud lightning strikes during snow.Each next one failed worse, last one was just   light ,no thunder

Snow lightning is like no other.

Add : 7/7/21  2100 UTC .This time they used the "real" stuff. A number of local strikes, LOUD, but nothing like the "artillery barrage" in the heavier part of the cell. They were getting popped every 15 or 20 seconds.Fairly loud, but  low frequency  sounding , most seemed   powerful and  mean  ground  strikes 4 Miles south.Close miss. Yesterday the sky turned  green for the second time this year.We only got "some"  lightning (1 per minute ?). But kind of intense , with some strikes within 500 ft.Heavy rain also.

This morning 7/8/21 0800 UTC. More  storms at predawn  . A few strikes  not super close.With a  lot of  Cloud to Cloud lightning.Noted best was bright white horizontal bolt 10 Miles long?). Also had other spectacular in cloud strikes.

We got heavy rain , some lightning here.Most action 4 or 6 miles to North. Again ,like yesterday, close enough to really   see it well , but not on top of me  either.I'm OK with that.

Now close pass by Elsa.

More rain . FILL that reservoir :).

Title: Re: rain
Post by: pinto vortando on July 09, 2021, 0125 UTC
Lots more rain this week.  Numerous pop-up t-storms along a nearly stationary frontal boundary.
Some have been real soakers... amazing that the sky can hold so much water.
Many of the small lakes and ponds that were low due to the rather dry Spring are now back to nearly full.
Fortunately no violent WX at this QTH although some nearby areas have flooding or power outages.
The lights have blinked a number of times due to the lightning or wind but the antenna farm has survived untouched.
Title: Re: rain
Post by: NQC on July 09, 2021, 1018 UTC
Hey Pinto and All,

Before dawn we started get into Elsa’s
rain shield.Only light rain so far.

Expecting 2-3 “ rain ,” some” wind here at Boston.

Isolated tornadoes seem to have already occurred in  NJ- gust 78 -from “nearby”twister ? Possibility  of tornadoes  Long Island, CT, RI and into SE MA later today.

No severe issues for Boston yet. We may be too far NW of track , but I will keep checking NWS web site during AM for updates.

Title: Re: rain
Post by: pinto vortando on July 16, 2021, 2150 UTC
All day rain here today in southern MI... got 1" in the official backyard rain gauge.
Can't remember a wetter July... cool too, haven't seen 90 yet this month.
The politicians are racing to the nearest microphone to blame the flooding on
global warming... errr, climate change... errr, maybe they just haven't been
maintaining all the pumps and drains.
Title: Re: rain
Post by: Traveling Wave on July 21, 2021, 0442 UTC
20 July 2021 - Severe thunderstorm & cold front came thru Niagara County, N.Y. this afternoon. The day started out with high of 81 degrees at noon, by 6 pm the temperature had dropped to 67 degrees. The front came thru with 60mph winds and hail, then heavy rain which lasted for two hours. When it stopped we had received 5.7 inches according to the National Weather Service.
After the storm passed a state of emergency was declared in Niagara county due to severe flooding. I have never experienced a severe thunderstorm like this in all my years living in WNY.
I can take the snow in winter,  it doesn't flood your basement.