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Title: KUWS, 91.3 Oklahoma (heard near Bowling Green, KY)
Post by: WA4FHY on July 11, 2021, 0220 UTC
This morning, Saturday, 10jul21, I was driving southbound on I-65, returning to my home near Nashville, TN. Near Bowling Green, KY,  and just after 10.00 CDT, I turned the radio on to get my weekly Saturday morning Bluegrass mx fix from WKMS, 93.1 in Murray, KY. When I tuned to 93.1, I didn't hear my expected "Music from the Front Porch" and the radio didn't show WKMS, instead I saw KUWS-HD1. It was very unexpected that the radio should show a K station. My 2018 Chevy Tahoe radio has HD, can decode short text messages sent by the station, usually information about the mx that is being played but I was listening to a nx program and when I looked at the display (while concentrating on my driving) I would see a few words like "rainy", "windy", "today", and "Duluth". Apparently it was the current or predicted wx. The only city named Duluth that I know of is Duluth, MN! ~1025, an announcer said "You are listening to Wisconsin Public Radio" - WOW!!!! That station faded out just as I got to the KY / TN border and I listened to "Music from the Front Porch" until I dropped down the ridge and into the Nashville Basin.

When I got home, I did a Google search on KUWS and, sure enough, the station is a member of Wisconsin Public Radio Network and is operated by the University of Wisconsin and it is located in Superior, WS / Duluth, MN, at the end of Lake Superior and some ~600 miles from Bowling Green, KY, as the crow flies - not bad reception for a car radio.

Before I left to go to the Cave City (KY) hamfest this morning, I did a quick check of 50.313 FT-8 around 0600 CDT and saw Stateside stations making contacts into southern Europe and northern Africa, so I knew that there was some good conditions going.
Title: Re: KUWS, 91.3 Oklahoma (heard near Bowling Green, KY)
Post by: East Troy Don on July 13, 2021, 1650 UTC
Great story - thanks for sharing !