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Title: Radio Pushka 2nd Transmitter, Day Time Transmitter
Post by: RadioPushka on November 24, 2021, 0358 UTC
I am currently building a 30 watt PEP transmitter for 16MHz. The frequency will be 16.000 MHz or around there depending on the drift of the xtal. Unfortunately thats the only xtal I currently posses for that band. Antenna will be a vertical three element collinear, 12.5 meters tall or so, I will have to adjust it once I build it. My hope is to cover Russia and SE Asia with this setup, may get and stack some cheap Chinese amplifiers to facilitate my goal. If things go well I may move to this band and get a proper xtal for 19 meter broadcast band. But must likely i will have both transmitters running simultaneously.
Thank you for logging my station! much appreciation to those who helped me!
I may not make an qsl cards though because my computer is broken and I am very busy.