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Title: 6.507 Mhz ?
Post by: Elf36 on November 25, 2021, 1322 UTC
Just turned on my radio and it was on 6 MHZ from last night. I started tuning and came across a strong signal on 6.507 USB. The operator was speaking English with a bit of an accent. Most of the content seemed to focus on weather reports. It started off strong but began to fade rapidly and I was unable to hear what particular areas of the world were being discussed. I did some googling and all I found was were references to Charleville, Australia. It seems it bit odd if it is since I'm in Florida and it's 8:15 am local time 13:15 UTC. Let me know what you think?

After hitting send, the signal came back up and definitely referenced Austalia. Seems a bit odd to me having this type of propagation on 6 MHZ this time of day?
Title: Re: 6.507 Mhz ?
Post by: tiNG on November 26, 2021, 1251 UTC
Meteo Charleville   VMC      AUS   USB   active 0800 - 2100 utc

A recording makes it always easier to identify a station...  ;) ;) ;)