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Title: Starlink Beacons
Post by: NJQA on December 03, 2021, 1343 UTC
Here are details on Starlink satellite beacon reception.  There is another link early in the Reddit link that takes you to a detailed discussion of the hardware being used.

I first saw mention of this on the RTL-SDR list, but the Reddit post has more details.

For mere detection of the beacons, much less is required.  There have been reports of success with nothing more than a Ku LNB pointed straight up, no dish.  A generic Ku LNB will mix down to L band, which is in band for almost all the popular SDR receivers. The doppler shift will verify that you are hearing the satellites.

Title: Re: Starlink Beacons
Post by: Josh on December 10, 2021, 1749 UTC
That's some dx that's outta this world!