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Title: Russian Military Transmissions
Post by: NukeX on February 06, 2022, 0432 UTC
At 3440 kHz on LSB, Russian numbers 1-10 have been broadcast starting at Feb 5, 2022 03:52:00 UTC. Broadcast continued to Feb 5, 2022 04:15:00 UTC. Occasional 2 word phrases can be heard about every 60-120 seconds, starting at the end of the numbers cycle and occasional full radio comms. the 2 word phrase sounds like "vozu premana". Whatever it is is a live broadcast because the phrase sounds different every time and isn't on a loop.


This post was originally on "Spy Numbers" but i moved it here.😀
Title: Re: Russian Military Transmissions
Post by: UtilitySeattle on February 06, 2022, 1219 UTC
Sound files won't play. Says you prevented play or download  :o