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Title: Rockmite 40m & 80m QRP CW transceivers with RMK keyer chips & keys - tested
Post by: alleycat on March 24, 2022, 0044 UTC
NOTE: This item is being sold via eBay. Please do not contact me regarding a personal sale, as that is against eBay policy.

Small Wonder Labs Rockmite 40 meter (7030 kHz) and 80 meter (3686 kHz) QRP CW transceivers - sold as a set. I am a professional electronics technician (and amateur radio operator, of course). I built these units years ago, including the optional RMK keyer chips (to provide advanced functions, such as memory) and miniature paddles. I recently evaluated all functions, and both radios are in perfect working order, with the 40m radio putting out 552 mW and the 80m radio putting out 333 mW when fed with a 12 volt power supply. Also included are a 12 volt auto adapter, ear buds, and full documentation on a USB drive. Equipment is from a non-smoking home. These are great for backpacking! Each measures 2 inches (57 mm) wide x 3 inches (89 mm) x 1 inch (25 mm) high (not including the paddles). Refer to ebay listing at https://www.ebay.com/itm/165393111113 for photos, including screen captures from spectrum analyzer testing.