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YouTube clip of three separate ID's in English from Radio Europe, a low power* broadcaster in Holland on 6130 kHz. Total clip runtime is a minute and a half:

ID #1 at :12 seconds
ID #2 at :43 seconds
ID #3 at 1:07 min/seconds


*In their email they stated... "6130 has a continuous power of 600 Watt pep this transmitter is running in a quiet position can deliver more power."

If they truly mean 600 watts PEP - then this would really be about 150 watts AM carrier. Either way they are using very low power for shortwave broadcasting!

These ID clips taken from listening/recording session on Jan 26, 2023 from 05:37 until 7:37 UTC.

Reception was noticeably better on the horizontal NVIS antenna than the vertical


QTH SE USA / Florida
RX Kenwood TS-590
ANT - ground mounted trap vertical / inverted L array over buried radial field ... or NVIS full size 160M dipole
... de WB9LUR

Radio Vanuatu third harmonic 11835 kHz (3945 fundamental) as heard From Florida in the USA.
Monitored from 07:30 UTC until their (late) sign off at 10:30 on Jan 16 2023.

Here's a very brief YouTube with music, ID and announcements.


03:00 UTC - Unfortunately, disappointing. Conditions are not so good tonight. Weak and noisy with fading;
03:05 UTC - Unreadable and fading into the noise floor.

RSPduo | Barker & Williamson T2FD antenna

Thank you for the feedback. It was weird last night - some places that normally have a good signal were very noisy and some locations (that are usually noisy) were much stronger.

Thank you!

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Not the content of one of Timtron's junk bus's?

LOL ...

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Solid S-9 with solid copy here in Florida - some really unusual programming.

By the time I patched cables and started decoding missed most of the SSTV

Listening from Florida. Enjoying the show tonight. S-9 with higher peaks.

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And the YouTube archive can be played anytime after the broadcast too.

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Caught them right at sign off no ID except SSTV image:

S5-S7 signal here - long gaps between songs - noisy copy but good enough to clearly make out songs - just played Elvis "Caught In A Trap" at 23:44

Noisy SSTV :

UNID 6917 kHz USB 10:42 UTC 14 Aug 2022 playing Hank Williams right now

10:55 UTC - ALL Hank Williams songs so far - very strong signal
11:10 UTC - still all Hank Williams "Lost Highway" right now...
11:11 UTC - "I can't Help it if I'm still in love with you" still strong but sounds like it might be fading
11:14 UTC - "Never get out of this world alive" ... these are all songs that I've played on stage before.

SSTV at 11:17 -no ID - now playing completely different music

Very faint carrier with wisps of audio direct off-the-air here in N Florida at 23:56

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 2224 UTC 7 Aug 2022
« on: August 07, 2022, 2226 UTC »
UN ID 6925 kHz USB 22:24 UTC Aug 7 2022 (6:22 PM US EDT)

Weak signal starting to improve - rock music.

QTH North Florida, USA.

Getting some audio but not listenable - even after sifting through bandwidths / filters - very poor at my location.

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