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MW Loggings / Re: WFED : Tubey Or Not Tubey
« on: July 22, 2021, 1126 UTC »
Ah yes, the nostalgic aroma of tubes. I got a good dose, love it.

(To twist up the quote from Apocalypse Now) "I love the smell of tubes in the morning, it smells like Dx".


Hey Dood,

Visibility definitely reduced  in smoke here recently,much worse toward NYC. I took a walk to a good sunset vantage point to take some pix.Sun was super deep/dull pink and disappeared WELL above the horizon. Moon was up at Zenith and was sort of pinked and kind of dimmed.

Cold frontal passage blew everything out  last night .Yesterday's Sun at rise was dim   reddish pink.

Today's rise was  full lumen /normal/ exceptionally bright white. Dry, almost chilly in a tee shirt this AM.

When I was a kid ( 250 years ago), it seemed fire smoke was a rare phenomena. Not so now.I had also heard mention a while back that not only would the western US be a source for New England smoke, but Southern Canada is now up and coming as a new potential "hot spot" for us as well. Nice.

There are a lot of man made factors that go into this type of disaster, I am sure you can think of a few of them . But they are also "political" in nature.  So I will just kind of "move on" past that aspect of this issue.


MW Loggings / Re: WFED : Tubey Or Not Tubey
« on: July 21, 2021, 1609 UTC »
Hey Yankee,

Thanks for the tip on restorations, NE CT is a reasonable drive.

Many years ago I had a BIG floor model Zenith ( I’d have to check for model number, which escapes me now).
So I have also experienced BIG CRISP Zenith audio.

The audio from a crystal set can also be stunning when used on a good reproducer.

The Gernsback Interflex circuit ( haven’t tried it yet) might be an interesting hybrid of clean crystal radio RF and nice tube AF.

I have a couple of extra 4 pins and a spare type 30 or two so I could put an outboard tube amp on an existing crystal set.

So many projects, so little time :).
Nice find on the call sign sheet.


MW Loggings / WFED : Tubey Or Not Tubey
« on: July 21, 2021, 1121 UTC »
Hey All,

Lately I've been fooling around with a 1950's era Motorola 19F1 HS 230C nine tubey chassis pulled from a floor  console radio phono.

It's a nice rig, with great audio. Currently only using an indoor 25 ft ant and 120 VAC ground. The antenna is wound on a ferrite  tank    with only 3 turns. Cold end of antenna is left ungrounded. Peaking the tank brings things up a good bit. Band opened up kind  of  late , but once it  did things rolled in  nicely.

I really enjoy the nostalgia of seeing and using tubes - NICE orange glow !

Back up /spotter was my ATS 803A solid state ("non tubey") digital portable. Used to line up FED and others- no scale on Moto.

7/20/21 0100 UTC

630 WPRO RI, weak
650 WSRO MA good
660 WFAN NY fair
710 WOR NY fair to good
880 WCBS NY fair to good
1010 WINS NY good  ( I parked there for  a while)
1500 WFED DC good
1510 WMEX MA ( Also parked there for a while -MUCH better format now !)

Also copied a LOT of regionals /locals /graveyards and unid DX.

A few days ago I had KDKA 1020 on the Moto up against a crushing WBZ  on 1030. 'DKA never really puts in a good signal here and is a bit of a tough catch at times.Even my best rigs are often only fair or worse .

A nice long session on BCB.
I am going to improve antenna and design it for eventual Part 15 transmit and BCB /LW receive.

Indoor antennas are obviously not ideal, but I just have to look at it as "involuntary QRP" :).

I also have a 60 ft run of unused telephone pair available. So far it only  grabs a lot of noise, but  it might be  OK to use   as a counterpoise later.

TONS of stuff on bench, but only so much time. Five foot Octoloop nearing completion.It will initially use 660/46 and a wiperless 4 gang  ceramic , 6:1 ball driven.

Yesterday I also refurbished and painted a second set of book shelves and will soon  double my  bedside operating position.


Hey All,

Extremely interesting.

A couple of points of order:

“VLF is used MORE “ now.Not sure if low power devices count or are cumulative, but HIGH power VLF is much more rare now.Not sure how to interpret that.

VLF too “ weak” , do  they mean too narrow ?

Anyhoo, a good read.


MW Loggings / Re: Not hearing Hudson Valley TIS lately 1710kHz.
« on: July 19, 2021, 1403 UTC »
Hey All.

Yes ,1710 Kc is probably the “ best” place to “play” due to it using short antennas.

But at least here, the X band has enough
open frequencies close to 1710 that it doesn’t matter.So I can QSY without any noticeable issues.

I DO have a 1 MC crystal  that is almost the size of a pack of Marlboros :)) .It’s another story completely.

But frankly , now my AM tx “goals “are to only cover maybe 200 ft East and also from my basement shop to the 2nd floor shack.Should be “ easy “ ( when I get to it - LOTS on the bench right now and only limited time to work on stuff.).


Weather / Re: Elsa
« on: July 11, 2021, 1332 UTC »
Hey Chris,

Good to see a "neighbor" in here.

Elsa was kind of a bust, but that's OK.  Quabbin Reservoir (Boston's water  supply) approaching /or at 100% capacity, which I believe is  a 2 year supply.

We now need Sun for my garden , we are good for now on water.


Weather / Elsa
« on: July 10, 2021, 1134 UTC »
Hey All,

Elsa summary here : Not too bad-Gust 67 Cape Cod, almost NO wind at Boston, gust 25 (maybe). Some isolated boats pulled  off moorings /run  aground.

Rain : Only 2" here in the city, but nearby Wellesly had  4.47".

Boston from   the 1st to the 10th July had 7.9 " of rain.

Still "taking on" water here , but not "disappointed" by Elsa's low rainfall total either. We  now need Sun    and more water later (which we may get this week).

At end of storm , vivid deep blue  clearing line pushed up from the SW. Low clouds cruising right along, mid / high clouds had  little movement.Interesting.

 Entire storm edge visible when started to clear- Dark precipitation clouds to North, deep blue to SW.Nice.


Weather / Re: rain
« on: July 09, 2021, 1018 UTC »
Hey Pinto and All,

Before dawn we started get into Elsa’s
rain shield.Only light rain so far.

Expecting 2-3 “ rain ,” some” wind here at Boston.

Isolated tornadoes seem to have already occurred in  NJ- gust 78 -from “nearby”twister ? Possibility  of tornadoes  Long Island, CT, RI and into SE MA later today.

No severe issues for Boston yet. We may be too far NW of track , but I will keep checking NWS web site during AM for updates.


MW Loggings / BCB Black Out
« on: July 08, 2021, 1659 UTC »
Hey All.

 During last night's  severe storms,  the AM BCB was wiped out here.

And I don't mean by static crashes, even though there were zillions of those.

The afternoon and evening  BC  band was just simply wiped dead. NO "expected" day time New Yorkers copied.  ALL  of  the normally  "definite" big night time  NYC stations either  didn't show or were still  terrible, LONG after dark.

 ALL Regional stations  evaporated.

Again many crashes, but you could still tell  that there was almost NO propagation from anyone.Also  my local noise didn't help.


The good thing about a completely indoor system is that you notice band changes more .My system    is more "marginalized" .Therefore it is somewhat more  "on the edge" and will crash down  sooner than   a nice  outdoor antenna would. I work  deal with captures much less than 10% of  what   an outdoor antenna would grab. But I do get an easy directional  null of some noise sources. Sometimes , the strongest loop orientation isn't necessarily the best . I swing the rig's direction first and bring in loop to least noise / but still with some signal.Cleaner but quieter.

Didn't try Zoomer 740 but  line  of  sight  local WJIB 740 was excellent on it's loop heading.I also copied Big signal /Big band WSRO 650 which also had no bad signal effects from poor band  conditions. Both are honkin' ground waves and stayed ultra clean , no real static  crashes heard on carrier  when audio went  quiet.


Weather / Re: rain
« on: July 07, 2021, 1927 UTC »
Hey Pinto, All.

More rounds of heavy Thunderstorms yesterday.1000+ bolts / hr in area.

Heavy rain , 3/4” w/ some very small very close but not very loud strikes.

3 strikes within 500 ft or less to East.

Could see pale Peach Orange bolt, not overly bright.
Low amperage /“sort of high” voltage ?

Instant high pitch crack of respectable but not overly loud thunder. Like fireworks ,not thunder explosions.

This happened 3 times close to me and a few more maybe 1/3 to 1/2 mile.

Fast moving, edge of severe cell , but only weak strikes, moderate to heavy rain and maybe gust 40.Biblical looking though.

I have seen ultra weak in cloud lightning strikes during snow.Each next one failed worse, last one was just   light ,no thunder

Snow lightning is like no other.

Add : 7/7/21  2100 UTC .This time they used the "real" stuff. A number of local strikes, LOUD, but nothing like the "artillery barrage" in the heavier part of the cell. They were getting popped every 15 or 20 seconds.Fairly loud, but  low frequency  sounding , most seemed   powerful and  mean  ground  strikes 4 Miles south.Close miss. Yesterday the sky turned  green for the second time this year.We only got "some"  lightning (1 per minute ?). But kind of intense , with some strikes within 500 ft.Heavy rain also.

This morning 7/8/21 0800 UTC. More  storms at predawn  . A few strikes  not super close.With a  lot of  Cloud to Cloud lightning.Noted best was bright white horizontal bolt 10 Miles long?). Also had other spectacular in cloud strikes.

We got heavy rain , some lightning here.Most action 4 or 6 miles to North. Again ,like yesterday, close enough to really   see it well , but not on top of me  either.I'm OK with that.

Now close pass by Elsa.

More rain . FILL that reservoir :).


Longwave Loggings / VLF Lighting Direction Finding
« on: July 07, 2021, 1916 UTC »
Hey All,

DF of Dx storms 90 to 120 Mi to my West yesterday PM.

150 Kc somewhat weaker than higher up checks.Kind of a surprise.

Best was around 230 or 250 Kc , also ripping loud  at 520 Kc.

Things seemed to have rolled up or down in signal strength as one rolled 250 to 520 Kc.

Nice to near zero nulls on S  803a rig, gave a decent bearing to storm cluster.

I am working on other LF projects too.

de K

Hey Rob. 

Brazil allows some crazy power, one  station at  250 kw , a good number at 100 kw.

FWIW, Years  ago  I  BRIEFLY copied  a very probable Brazilian on AM b'cast   (up- for only 30  seconds good , then down and  gone for good  )   in MO on a  8 ft    loop crystal set.


Not sure what the Brazilian flame throwers  will do during all this,


Weather / Re: rain
« on: July 04, 2021, 0056 UTC »
Hey Pinto.

Rounds  of  thunderstorms lately , some severe .

6-30-21 : PM   100 degrees, then absolute monster Cumulonimbus w/huge vicious  anvils and  high winds. Sky turned green just to our South.Outflow winds higher than seen  here in quite a while. 
Up to 300 + flashes every 10 minutes in area .  Thunderstorm outflow   downdraft wind   boundary, well outside /ahead from precip area  was  visible on Radar,  length 25 + mi long .

Second 6-30-21 round of thunderstorms after dark, much lightning,  and much more rain than earlier severe event. I caught some nice high altitude lighting on video.

Copious rains lately- cumulative,since Wed,  3 " + in gauge . Some "training" /"conveyor belt"  precip events  lasting all night.

7/3/21: PM was VERY heavy , almost torrential ,  rain with occasional lightning,  then an hour or so  break of only light  rain , then  just "heavy" rain  with  a  few more bolts. Yet the closest SURFACE feature was  150 + miles to South. Stuff apparently happening upstairs. Cool (to almost   COLD)  for July.

Wild , you gotta love New England

I am still welcoming  ALL the water we get though. Still a blessing, No "excess" yet.


Hey Boombox,

Great to see your comments.
I hope it all works out for Brazil.

OT, I see you have  a “TRF” rig on your equipment list. Is it home brew ? Any details.

I have a few projects on the bench, a TRF included.


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