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Heard Wolverine Radio here in Madison Wi. Tipped off by this post.
0108UTC hearing ragtime type music woman singing
0109utc big band music man singing. "Gonna buy you a diamond ring"
0112utc Wolverine Radio ID then blues like music. SINPO 33333. Signal is quite weak but steady and listenable, not much fade.
0115utc 60s rock, "baby I need your lovin'"
0117utc more 60s rock
0120utc Wolverine ID. More 60s rock. Some fading now
0123utc new song unable to ID. Signal a bit weaker.
0125utc Male singing can't make much out.
0128utc Wolverine ID into more 60s pop with some fade-out. Man and woman singing.
0131utc Soul tune. Getting tougher to make out any words. SINPO 22222
0136utc Stevie Wonder
0141utc Wolverine Radio ID then The Cars.Signal still weak with fades but somewhat listenable.
0145utc New song mostly unintelligible because of weak signal but was able to make out "his father was a lawman" or something like that.
0148utc 80's punk? Tough to hear now.
0151utc Wolverine Radio ID then off? Nope Music deep in the noise. Deep fade-outs.
0155utc man singing the Blues.
0200utc Tom Petty? Signal very weak.
0202utc Wolverine ID followed by strong SSTV signal and off.

Thanks for the show, Wolverine, and good to hear you again!
Listening on an Icom R-75 with a homebrew mag loop indoors. Its what I got to work with. For now anyway.

2041utc 6975usb Nov 6 2021 heard 60s music deep in the noise could not make it out. SNIPO 22322
2148utc Music fading in and out.
2151utc Mighty Quinn. signal just listenable for now.
2153utc WDOG ID then music. SNIPO 33333
2156utc Dogs barking, ID, new song
2159utc signal took a dive into the noise
2202utc WDOG ID just audible then static/noise
2207utc Dogs barking. fade out
2226utc music deep in the noise
2228utc WDOG ID into 60s rock tune I couldn't name. SINPO 33333
2231utc Song Lady Madonna
2233utc The Doors Hello I Love You
2235utc more fades
2241utc can hear Moody Blues down in there.
2252utc someone talking dogs barking, then song Mrs. Robinson tough to here but there.
2259utc "Revolution"
2302utc Dogs howling and nothing after that.

Tough conditions for me. Listening on an R75 and about 50ft wire running through my apt in Madison Wi, on the isthmus. Fix that soon I hope.
Thanks for the show WDOG and its good to be back listening to pirates after 10 years off!

0001utc wolverine radio id and into some old-time crooning. SINPO 32344.
Good signal into south-central Wi.

XFM ID with gmail address, Talk about propagation @ 0011UTC SINPO 35234 here in Maison, wi.
0015 The Who

Got it here 2334utc playing some Tangerine Dream of all things :)SINPO 34433
2338utc male voice "sounded like a train went by or somethin'" SINPO 32433

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