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22:54z S9+ over S3 noise floor in Alabama
Audio isnít very good but itís listenable.

Great sounding hits playing for hours. Really good signal with low noise and low distortion. Thanks for the show.

Can I get a recording?

Station is S9+25 in Alabama

Well this is.. odd.

There's a station on 6925 that seems to be.... transmitting the same thing.

0012 UTC: ID as "WWWW The Drunk Fox"

0125  Station ID into "Mr. Roboto" - Styx
0130  "El Paso" - Marty Robbins
0133  ID? into "Hayloft" - Mother Mother
Really hard fade on my end, can barely receive now.

Based on the SSTV, playlist, and comic sans, this is most likely the same station as "6925 Free USB." I don't think it's the "WDOG" station from earlier.

0415 UTC Scottie DX SSTV

So is it still UNID? :)

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