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00:41 Z in Central Indiana

Weak signal, can barely tell it's music.

SINPO:  23323

Have been hearing this one the last three nights or so in Indiana. I Never hear an ID...just some classic sounding music. Antenna is a 40m halfwave dipole in attic.  Receiver is a Elecraft KX-2.  Current time is 00:45Z 08/24/23 Z

ID as 77LJS and signed off at 00:54Z

They're still going strong at 02:44Z on 6.11.23 in Central PA....strong sigs.  6950 USB

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WDOG 6850 AM 2330 UTC 17 SEP 2022
« on: September 18, 2022, 0028 UTC »
Tuned in at 00:25UTC 09/18/22 6850 with good AM signals into the K3FEF & W3TKP WEBSDR in Pennsylvania.  Wide variety of music.  Nothing I recognize yet...sounds like George Harrison and someone playing a Sitar....maybe not.  Sig appears to be about 10 Khz wide.  Oh man...Beatles galore...doht.

Just tuned in on the WEBSDR in Pennsylvania...he's loud.  00:15UTC 09/18/22  - SINPO 55555  his choice of music is boring, but I guess he likes it.  6950 USB

Have had a good copy on the WEBSDR at K3FEF & W3TKP in Pennsylvania.  I have been listening since about 01:20Z 09/12/22

Getting back into SWL, used to hunt pirates and clandestines when time permitted.  Have logged K9DOG, The Radio Animal, East Coast Beer Drinker, Radio Free New York, Voice of the Night and may others back in the 1990's - lots of fun.

Was cool to hear Sycko tonight and I'm just a little older than his music selection.

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