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Equipment / Re: HF Receiving Antenna Myths
« on: May 11, 2014, 2343 UTC »
Hi Barycenter:

Last summer while camping I used a Global AT-2000 antenna coupler (tuner) between a Tecsun PL-600 portable receiver and a 50ft random wire to listen to the 49 and 22 meter bands.  I was able to peak the received signals by turning the tuning knobs on the AT-2000.  This brought up the received level of signals I wanted to listen to, made the stations 'pop up'.  

The summer before, I went camping with a Palstar R-30A radio and 40 ft random wire connected to the Hi-Z antenna terminal of the Palstar, no antenna tuner, listened to the same bands.  I was surprised how quiet my reception was, stations were not popping out even though I was in the middle of nowhere.

I'm not a scientist, but it seems that an antenna tuner works as advertised for shortwave listening with a random wire antenna.

I'm planning on going camping this summer with a random wire, Global AT-2000 antenna tuner, Afedri SDR and laptop.  Perhaps I will 'see' the signals 'pop out' as I dial the tuner.

Would like to hear about others' take on usefulness (or not) of antenna tuners for receiving.  

General Radio Discussion / Re: 2013 Pirate Radio Annual
« on: September 25, 2013, 2239 UTC »
Any news on the Pirate Radio Annual 2013?  Would like to get a copy again this year.

I heard TransEuropeRadio on 6920 khz, ID'd Bryan Adams Cuts Like A Knife.

Hey HalifaxTap, I'm in the same locale.  Your #3 from around here AFAIK.  ;)

Yes, heard his story of his first transmission attempt on Johnson Viking II that ended with smoke!  Great sig S9+10.

Heard Echo One Shortwave last night on 6938 khz, with a pretty nice signal here in Halifax, Nova Scotia (can't recall the S meter reading).  Enjoyable show, will listen for it again.

I have recently been using a Palm TX PDA to monitor IRC by my radio.  It runs reliably, I have a bluetooth keyboard to type with, it's unobtrusive at the listening position, I'm pretty happy with it.

Palm PTPChat2

I'm working up a basic web page about my radio hobby stuff...


General Radio Discussion / Re: when mellowing out...
« on: December 13, 2012, 1931 UTC »
Yes, RHC English can be entertaining... with Ed Newman as Jack Tripper, Eva Barajas & Lena Valverde as Janet & Chrissy and Arnie Coro as Mr. Furley.  It's like Three's Company never left the air!
Radio Habana Cuba for the music, and, of course

Dr. Benway for the message.

General Radio Discussion / Re: when mellowing out...
« on: November 29, 2012, 1846 UTC »
Hey Chanter, fellow Radio Nacional da Amazonia fan right here, was listening last night on 11780... I love their bumper/segue music, they play it throughout the broadcasts, really good.

I'm always on the lookout for good music on shortwave.

Hey, thanks for the tip... I'm tuning this now and the signal is quite listenable.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Propagation
« on: October 13, 2012, 2028 UTC »
I never know what these "solar weather" reports actually mean for radio reception.  All I know is that reception sucked last week after the auroras.  My interpretation on reading the above is reception is starting to recover but still won't be great.  That sounds consistent to how I'm tuning today. ???

Equipment / Re: Can a Sherwood SE-3 be used with an SDR?
« on: January 23, 2012, 2026 UTC »
Just an update, I bought a used Sherwood SE-3 (mk III) Sync Detector (paid more than I should have) and have been using it for the past two weeks.  It's the bomb, it gives incredible control over AM signals, a really well thought out piece.  For Palstar R30 owners it's the next level, the perfect complement to the Palstar's excellent front end, AGC and Collins filters but otherwise limited feature set.

For anyone with a 455khz IF output on the back of their radio, there is at least one Sherwood SE3 on Eham classifieds right now if you are interested.

Equipment / Re: all round desktop dx radio
« on: January 16, 2012, 2019 UTC »
"I would hate to buy the eton 750 and find it had bad image rejection like the g3"

I've never used an Eton/Grundig 750, but I have read reviews that have been less than enthusiastic about that radio.  Have you checked the reviews on eham.net ? 

You can get a lot of radio for 300 pounds on the used market.  I would start reading reviews if I was you.  I echo what others have said here, that the Icom R-75 is an excellent radio for shortwave broadcast dx listening.  There are radios offered for sale on Eham.net classifieds and in the various Yahoo radio user groups.

Equipment / Re: antenna for fm and sw dx eton g3
« on: January 08, 2012, 2337 UTC »
I would just listen on headphones at night using the built in whip antenna until you know what you can receive.  The G3 should be good as-is for lots of interesting reception, as lots of shortwave broadcasters aim their antennas toward Europe.  Other than that, I would do a lot of reading about equipment and propagation, World Radio TV Handbook (WRTH) from the library would be a good place to start.

If you really want to try an add-on antenna, a slinky antenna located in your flat might work okay with your G3, they are not expensive check Ebay.  The best antennas for urban/suburban locations are made by Wellbrook (a UK company) but they cost a fair bit.

General Radio Discussion / Re: sw overspill
« on: January 07, 2012, 2127 UTC »
RADIO EXTERIOR DE ESPANA runs some of the highest power transmitters in shortwave today.  According to the broadcast info application I downloaded this week Eibi View, REE on 7275 khz is 250,000 watts on a 50 degree azimuth (toward Europe and Russia).  It seems no matter which way REE points their antennas their signal comes in strong here in Eastern North America.


As for the overspill to 7280 khz, that sort of thing can be managed by tuning away from the offending signal or with a radio that has better filters (is more selective).  In inexpensive portable shortwave receivers, supposedly the radios based on the Silicon Industries si4734 radio-on-a-chip are quite selective.  The G3 doesn't use this chip although I think there are Grundig models which do.


I would be interesting to see an 'SDR waterfall' of Espana on 7275 and an adjacent signal on 7280 to see what kind of overlap is actually there.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Global HF Pirate Weekend
« on: January 03, 2012, 1354 UTC »
The last global pirate weekend in November was the most active weekend I have have ever seen.  Stations that I had had never heard of turned up on the air, and it was just a constant beehive of activity from morning to night.

Terry, will you log em in this forum as you find em that weekend?  I would like to see what I can snag from my QTH in Halifax NS.

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