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About an S5 signal this late night into Masset, BC with Big Band music at 06:55 utc tune-in. 

The usual superb reception into Masset, BC tonight.  Enjoyable listen, as I read my emails! 

Was like a supressed LSB signal when I first tuned in.

S9 on my MLA-30. Great audio. SIO: 555

0504: Dance Music
I keep farting with turning sidebands on and off while keeping the carrier.  Seems like I get more "punch" on the remote SDRs with just one sideband.  No surprise there.  How is the TX? (Also should this be a new thread?)

It's fun to watch you switch between Carrier + USB or Carrier + LSB or full AM. tonight.  Still going strong at 05:17....almost time for me to pack it in!  73,  Walt (on the ground in Masset, having just installed a brand new KiwiSDR).

Really strong tonight into Masset, BC at 04:50 tune-in using USB + C tonight.
Playing:  Like to Thank My Buddies by Combichrist
I'm occasionally seeing something on the LSB at times as well.  Interesting!
Measuring at 6961.666

Really poor conditions tonight.  At 01:33, just above noise floor.
01:34   Beach Boys, then I recognize the robotic voice of the federation of planets!
01:35   Wow, heard, "west coast" and immediate improvement to good level.  "Solar Federation Radio, west coast".  Nice!
01:38  Solar Federation Radio ID, then into Rolling Stones and Honky Tonk Women

Good reception into Masset at 01:15 tune-in.  Heard SSTV signal a few minutes later, but we were having supper.  Gone when I rechecked at 01:30.
Only 6970U was on at the same time, but much weaker than Wolverine Radio.

Nothing audible at all on my 40 deg KAZ, nor 40/220 large diameter ALA 100LN, but almost very good signal with the 290 deg DKAZ (off the back, presumably) with Beatles and The Taxman at 03:57 UTC.    Listening in Masset, BC off the NW coast of North America
03:59  All My Ex's Live In Texas by George Strait
04:03  Grandpa's Groove (feat. AronChupa) [Extended Version] by Parov Stelar
04:08  War Pigs by Black Sabbath
04:19  Mr Moonlight by the Beatles
04:20  Oh Canada rendition
04:22  Peace Frog / Blue Sunday by The Doors
04:33  The Otherside (feat. Robinson) [Extended] by Franky Wah
04:35  Fire Women by the Cult
04:41  dead air, but came back with Plush by Stone Temple Pilots
04:54  Reading tonight's stations.  Thanks for listening to ?CM Radio  Then again, "Thanks for listening to ?Stool Radio, yes the three legged type".
eQSL please!!!

03:51 tune in with First Light by Bella Morte at very good levels into Masset, BC off the NW coast of North America.  S7 to S9 signal.
03:54  Put Your Trust In Me by Neuroactive

Pretty tough copy into Masset, BC tonight at 03:05 tune-in.  Fair amount of static noted.  I measure Sternradio on 6951.674 AM.
Playing The Sparrows And The Nightingales (Long Version) by Wolfsheim

Live jazz music piece with clapping noted at S9+10 signal into Masset, BC close to our LSS.  Superb audio as always!  02:48 UTC tune-in (Had to walk down to the beach to enjoy the rays of sunshine as it set!)

Blaster of a signal tonight into Masset, BC.  I'm measuring 6925.275 in AM mode.  Sign off at 03:36 after a boat anchor SSTV image.  Excellent reception throughout.  Thanks for the fun! 

Fair to good reception into Masset, BC but almost 90 minutes before LSS.
01:36   Block Rockin' Beats by The Chemical Brothers
01:37  Robotic sounding ID, followed by Alive by Pearl Jam
then, "Attention all planets of the solar federation, we have assumed control"  repeated several times.
01:40  The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair (22/6/69 Pop Sundae) by Led Zeppelin
....01:52   The Kingsmen - Louie Louie
01:53   "Attention all planets again", then Mr Postman
....Thanks for the heads up, at 01:58!!!
02:20   West coast transmitter on, with a marked improvement to very good level.  Audio test mentioned at 02:20:28.  Excellent audio and much louder than before!
02:25  "Wake up the west coast", while playing The Joker by the Steve Miller Band
....  03:04   Great signal continues into Masset, BC and especially from 5 minutes ago, but looks like the transmitter is switched back now to the East coast transmitter.  Barely any difference noted out here off the NW coast of North America!

Fair to good reception into Masset at 01:34 tune-in.

Great signal into Masset, with Radio Igloo ID at 01:29, followed by Radio Sweden IS, some music and the transmitter cut.

Absolutely a massive signal into Masset, BC at 03:03

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