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Shortwave Pirate / Re: WTF 6950 usb 0025 utc 27 Aug 20
« on: August 27, 2020, 1800 UTC »
Sorry I'm late, but I completely forgot to log this last night!  Signal fair to good at a fortuitous 0032Z tune-in.  I didn't recognize any of the music, but the WTF Radio ID was definitely clear enough.  Gone not long after 01Z. 

Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6930 USB 0002 UTC 24 Aug 2020
« on: August 24, 2020, 0253 UTC »
Good signal onto the isthmus at 0112Z, "Slip Slidin' Away" to a brief break in audio, SSTV, and into music that I wouldn't have known was Zeppelin if I hadn't read logs before typing up this report.  Not bad, though.  0119Z CW decoded: "Sure I can help you out, which way did you come in? [missed a few words] Damn Skippy".  Music interspersed with SSTV up to 0136Z tune out. 

Which way did I come in?  Judging by the signal, which was good to downright booming at times, I'd say I came in from your north, but that I didn't have far at all to travel!  SINPO 54354.  Thanks for the show!  Do you do the old-fashioned paper QSL thing at all? 

Shortwave Pirate / Re: Radio Nova 6935 USB 0103 19 JULY 2020
« on: July 19, 2020, 0238 UTC »
Signal fair to good in Wisconsin marsh country (I'm visiting family).  At 0110Z when I finally tuned properly in USB, the music sounded almost carnaval, Afro-Caribbean and Latin.  Into what could easily have been Spanish-language calypso by the sound of it, then a clear ID at 0120Z, and that accent was Australian or New Zealander even if it was synthesized: "You are listening to Radio Nova."  Things kept going in the same very pleasant vein up to a long SSTV image.  Thanks for the show!  If Radio Nova's op or ops happen to read this, do you do the old-fashioned paper QSL thing?  I'd be delighted, if so! 

I caught the very tail end of this, I'm pretty sure.  Bluesy music at a 0110Z tune-in, to a clear and reverb-y Wolverine Radio ID, and then a long SstV splurt.  Thanks for the show, though I'm sorry I didn't catch most of it.  Signal loud and clear in Wisconsin. 

I was hearing this in AM mode, roughly around 0118Z.  I never could ID any of the songs - not really my scene - but definitely rock music throughout.  SIO 232 with peaks and deep fades. 

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WFR 5840 AM 1858 UTC 26 Jun 2020
« on: July 02, 2020, 1413 UTC »
Did you hear this direct?  I am seriously impressed, if so!  *Nice* catch! 

I forgot to log this last night!  SIO 444 onto the isthmus at 0107Z, after a few minutes of struggle trying to get the exact frequency right.  Twiddled the dial with increasing exasperation until aha! thing suddenly clarified into some rather nice music. :)  Thanks for the show! 

Fair to good signal on the isthmus amid high noise levels.  0152 ID and 6960 AM frequency call, then into Train's "Drops Of Jupiter" -- good song!  Somebody saying hello via CW (they literally sent hello as part of their message, then zipped it again) and by the looks of other logs, this is some near co-channel interference.  Bleh.  Thanks for the show! 

Shortwave Pirate / Re: SYCKO Radio 4101 USB 0017z UTC 26 MAR 2020
« on: March 26, 2020, 0331 UTC »
Pretty sure I had this station as well, if that's indeed who was still going at 0310Z.  Playing Dire Straits "Walk Of Life", then some slow jazzy somethingorother I didn't recognize.  Signal peaking to good, fair overall in high local static.  I tuned to 4100kHz on a complete whim and, with a little careful tuning on sideband, got a pleasant surprise! 

General Radio Discussion / Re: RIP Byteborg
« on: February 25, 2020, 0356 UTC »
I clearly missed this.  What a shame. :( 

Longwave Loggings / Christmas holiday NDB logs!
« on: December 31, 2019, 2219 UTC »
It's about time I uploaded these!  Since my lovely little DX-398 is back in operation (!!! and thank you to some Wisconsin local electrical engineers with gigantic hearts, seriously), I took the opportunity to get out of the noiseball that is the city and do some scanning when holidays with family came around.  Well, there was quite a lot of family holidayness in there too... :) but the late evenings were mine.  I'd include the AM logs as well, but that mostly amounted to CBC Radio 1 out of Winnipeg.  Surprise?  Nah, for anyone who's met me. :) 

So, NDBs!  I've only recorded the first instance of when I heard a station, whether or not I caught them later on.  Some I did, in the cases of OS, AQ, UNU, YMW and YLD, just to name a few, but some weren't heard again.  Related, if anyone's got tips for hearing stations that fall within the DGPS region of the LW band, please fill me in?  There's about a 50kHz block that's all warbly crackly noise, matched to the sound of undecoded DGPS signals, and I can't hear CW in there for anything.  Here's what I got: 

December 22: 

OS - Oshkosh, WI (local) 
ML - La Malbaie-Charlevoix, QC 
YY - Mont Joli, QC 
YAT - Atawapiskat, ON 
DL - Duluth-Pike Lake, MN (new for me!) 
YPH - Inukjuaq, QC 
YTL - Big Trout Lake, ON 

YLD - Chapleau, ON 
NM - Matagami, QC 
SB - Sudbury, ON 
UNU - Juneau, WI (local) 
GW - Kuujjuarapik, QC 
PN - Port Menier, QC (new for me!) 
AQ - Appleton, WI (local) 
ZSJ - Sandy Lake, ON 
YXL - Sioux Lookout, ON 

December 25: 

YZE - Gore Bay, ON 

YEL - Elliot Lake, ON 
YKQ - Waskiganish, QC 
YMW - Maniwaki, QC 

UL - Montréal, QC 

RJ - Roberval, QC (new for me!) 

QT - Thunder Bay, ON 

IN - International Falls, MN 

YER - Fort Severn, ON 

December 26: 

YPO - Peawanuck, ON 

YWP - Webequie, ON 

Utility / possible weather CW, 7601 USB
« on: October 20, 2019, 0223 UTC »
At first, I thought this was the Ecuadorian time signal, but the mode of transmission is wrong and the possible IDs didn't match, even with cut numbers in play, which wouldn't make sense for a time signal anyway. 

Heard at roughly 2330Z, give or take a few minutes, on the isthmus at Madison, WI.  CW signal, on or near 7601kHz, going too fast for me to catch everything, but I tried.  Initially fadey/fluttery but clearing up with time.  What I could pick out was a repeated DRG 6, and an equally repeated DE 3A or possibly 2A ?D, the ? being a missed character I simply could not fish out.  I wondered if the DRG could be a shorthand degree signifier, but it's oddly constructed if that's what it's meant to stand for.  3A suggests somewhere outside the States... if this was Monaco doing something novel, I'm going to fall over. 

Anyone have any ideas who I caught? 

Shortwave Pirate / Re: Captain Morgan 6924.7 AM 2150 UTC 19 Oct 2019
« on: October 20, 2019, 0215 UTC »
Fair to good signal on the isthmus as well.  Tuned in at 2215Z, while out at Lake Farm Park with Markokpik.  playing Magic Carpet Ride, Honky Tonk Women.  Getting splattered on by a couple pescadores on the opposite sideband, blah.  SIO 433.  Thanks for the show! 

6935kHz, in on the isthmus at 0346Z with some instrumental electronica and synthesized voice IDs: "This is not a clever name for a radio station, Clever Name Radio".  Something like that, anyway.  Into seriously hard rock music by 0400Z.  Signal fair, improving to good but contending with deep fades and storm static. 

Thanks for the show! 

Shortwave Pirate / Re: XFM 6275 AM 0213 UTC 3Aug19
« on: August 03, 2019, 0525 UTC »
Ooh, this is a fortuitous catch!  I was out with the radio trying for, and succeeding in catching, Radio Austria.  I scanned a little ways up 49 meters, aiming for Radio Educacion, went a little too far and... ooooooh!  Who's this?  X FM booming in onto the isthmus at roughly 0508Z, with IDs, previous tracks played, e-mail address and details on how to get either an E-QSL or a proper postal one.  Evidently, the DJ's got all this music in his head, and is going to do something about that!  Brother, I know the feeling.  :)  Into an Australian artist whose name I didn't catch, but the track is "Cigarettes".  Then a time check - 0514Z - a 'music to the power of X' slogan along with an ID, and a QTH of somewhere under the stars.  Me too. :D  Then playing a band called Blood Orange.  Loud signal with deep fades, but that could just be living-downtown-itis again.  SIO 534. 

Thanks very much for the show!  I'd happily go the postal QSL route, being that sort of dame, and I don't mind the 6-9 months' wait time.  You admitted it up front, which is more than fair!  Should I throw an e-mailed report at you, or will this do? 

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