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S7-s8 in Chicago with repeating
Bork Bork Bork(?)
Pink Floyd “Money”
Great start to the broadcast!

VSoL coming in 5-8 to 5-9 in northern IL with a January 6th analysis.
Great program - thanks for the show!

Good copy of Stern Radio in Chicago 5-7 to 5-9. Copied Station ID followed by number station coded message.

5-9 copy in Chicago with distinctive Geiger counter pulse of Kraftwerk “Radio Activity” including spelling Kraftwerk in Morse (with song lyrics)
Conclusion of broadcast announcement, QSL info and anthem.
Glad I could long this new station!

5-9 copy in Chicago and got some great decodes of the spectragraph 10Kc up

Just tuned in
You heard it here first - sounds like some techno. Sounds like Zeeky
5-9 into Chicago

Thunder Chicken booming into Chicago S9
Tuned in to get SSTV ID

Yea Man about S5 in Chicago playing Black Magic Woman - great Santana tune (also done by Fleetwood Mac)!

Well, that was interesting….
S7 in Chicago

Caught the last bit of Zeeky with Butthole Surfers - a fine Austin band
Some social commentary on the upcoming election
Highway to Hell
Rocking in the Free World - Neil Young
HNY Zeeky ,
5-9 in Chicago

5-9 in Chicago
Stream of consciousness rant- repeat of Flying Dutchman?

XFM coming in S9 into Chicago
Howdy to RedHat!
Starting with Megadeth

5-9 signal into Chicago with “working man” followed by song about getting up
Great audio and signal strength

S8 in Chicago with looping scary noises

5-9 in Chicago
Great Mix!

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