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Spy Numbers / Re: V07 Spanish Lady 9330 AM 0700 UTC 04 FEB 2024
« on: February 04, 2024, 2112 UTC »
Thanks for sharing, Kris.  Sounds like HM01 out of Cuba, but Iíd heard she went QRT.  HM01 always boomed into my QTH, but I havenít looked for her lately.


Spy Numbers / Re: HM01 Loggings?
« on: January 17, 2024, 2215 UTC »
I used to hear all the time, booming into NE Ohio QTH.  Havenít heard them in quite some time, but I honestly havenít been looking.

2 Jan 2024 @1510 UTC on 6280 USB.  SIO 333 on Twente web SDR.  Thanks for the show.

Excellent signal into NE Ohio this morning on 6950 USB @ 1530 UTC; SIO 555/20 over s9.  ID'ed as Radio Free Whatever, went into music.  Thanks for the show.

SIO 434 into NE Ohio 17 Dec 23 @ 1750 UTC.  Playing jazz music.

12/9/2023 @ 1500; A bit light into NE Ohio.  SIO 233.  Sounds like a comedy routine with a woman breaking into song.

Nice signal into NE Ohio.  SIO 555, 15 over on the ole S-Meter.  Playing music, "Forever Had to End," by Bobby Bazini. ID'ed as DJ Dickweed @ 2036 UTC, 6950 USB.

6930 USB 2141 UTC 22 Nov 2023.  Mexican Radio by Wall Of Voodoo.  Nice signal into NE Ohio.

Nice signal into NE Ohio.  1950Z SIO 544, playing classical music.  20 over on the ole TS-870 with a slight bit of QSB.

Just barely audible into Northeast Ohio.

Lots of static, but they are audible with some qsb into NE Ohio.

Absolutely slamming into NE Ohio on 6890 USB, 40 Over s-9, nice audio.  SIO 555.  ID'ed as Mix Radio International, playing Jazz, ~2135 UTC.

PSE QSL Via desmoface @ yahoo.com

Nice signal into NE Ohio, about 20 over s-9.  Playing, "It's a beautiful morning."

PSE QSL to desmoface@yahoo.com


Mind Altering..playing techno..excellent show.  About S-9 into NE Ohio with a bit of QSB. PSE QSL to desmoface@yahoo.com

Thanks for the show

I heard them for a minute, then the signal kind of faded away, now all I hear are the Peskies.  Song about chicken.

Steve in NE Ohio.

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