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Using CubicSDR 0.2.0 and newest version of GQRX daily, MacOS 10.12.6, both work fine with my RTL-SDR.

Edit: On the "other" side: Parallels with Win XP-PR:P ! HDSDR, SDR#, SDRConsole and SDRUno are running ok; right now SDRUno is refusing to run, but i'm sure it will work again after the next restart....

Other / Re: UNID 6930 AM 0215 UTC 19 Sep 2017
« on: September 19, 2017, 1444 UTC »
Thanks for this information TheRelayStation. "Mystery" solved i'd say.

Other / Re: UNID 6930 AM @ 02:15utc
« on: September 19, 2017, 0403 UTC »
03:02z s4-5

did i hear KW?? ID

guess it's not a pirate , this must be some kind of "local" service or so, 2 or more stns, for a long time...
ALE close, WX report NY, stock exchange,

Music, female and male presenters of at least two stations in Monmouth Cty NJ SDR remote, nada in NH, nada in Queens NY, nada in Sea Grit NJ. Could this be an interference of some kind? Mixing product of the KiwiSDR?

0316z still carrier in Monmouth Cty. NJ but audio vy weak to nil
0324z recovering a bit, still vy low audio, 4455353 phone number in commercial, "all you need is a drivers license...", "windows and doors...",
0330z 2 stations agn, OMs and YL
0334z hvy fading, no audio but carrier visible
0343z still vy low, chunks of audio
0349z strong OTHR (?) bursts
0352z recovered a bit and agn OM and YL of at least two stations audible.
0345z more OTHR
0400z weak music, OM

Strange indeed.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6940 USB 2043 UTC 17 Sep 2017
« on: September 17, 2017, 2054 UTC »
Good sigs7-8 and audio, in VA,

2048z Led Zeppelin, Kashmir
2052z OFF

s5-7 in VA, remote SDR. Some fading, fighting against the crashes.

Ennio Morricone Soundtrack from The good the bad and the ugly
0208z Panflute music, Soundtrack too
0212z SSTV
0214z More flute music
0219z More music from Morricones soundtracks
0221z SSTV
0224z Even more pan flute music

00:57z Sounds good, up to s7 in OH, but fighting vs digital signal.
01:06z much lower now, audio low

Pretty good in OH remote. s5-7

23:40 Hayseed Dixie: AC/DC cover and later Metallica "Nothing else matters".

6935u Mixed reception in OH remote, from s3 vy weak to s7 pretty clean. Some slow and deep fading. ID: Radio Free DO Whatever.

23:19z ID Radio Free DO Whatever

20:49z Audible in OH SDR remote, heard "Child in Time" Deep Purple, "In the summertime"...weak signal but ok audio with some slow fading.

21:00z AR ID, SSTV CW and SSTV, no dcd...

02:28z still up, good audio, strange radio (or TV?) show OM and YL, psychedelica stuff, s7 in Ohio remote SDR. Interference from OTHR and some short dig signals.

Heard "La cumparsita" tango and others in MD remote SDR. VY nice Tango Radio America, muchas gracias y saludos!

Some fades but pretty good in NJ remote. Good music 8) nice show! Thanks for the Rock BID.

01:33z s3-5 in MD, web SDR.  Static crashes, noise.
02:05z s5-7 crashes almost gone


Shortwave Broadcast / Re: 6250 AM R.Malabo 20,31 UTC 27 Jul 2017
« on: July 27, 2017, 2238 UTC »
22:37z not as good as yesterday, but ok for the hour. GT remote IN. Lotsa static crashes and higher noise level, fading more or less same as yd night.

23:08z s9 +10 peak in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, web SDR. Audio a bit low and muffly, low noise and no fading. YL speaker in spanish, news and reports from Equatorial Guinea.

23:18z QRM, digital transmission on USB
23:30z ALE, still news/reports
23:33z African music, good signal and audio
00:10z Radio Malabo + ALE, some fading now, still pretty good with african music and ALE close
00:24z More Music from Africa, signal ok, somewhat lower and more slow fading
01:21z Down to s5-7, peaks s9, audio is low

01:36z S-meter 5sec/div


Shortwave Broadcast / Re: unID 6250 AM 0040z 7/27/17
« on: July 27, 2017, 0048 UTC »
00:46z some fast fading, strong signal, good in IN - GT remote.
01:12z Speaker, hard to understand, signal/audio lower now, deeper fading
01:27z still audible, audio low now
01:30z ALE signal close
02:00z National anthem like theme, female singer.
02:08z More music, low audio
02:30z ALE signal close (30 mins interval, prob. Forrest Moor UK, XSS/Tascomm 6251kHz.)
02:33z Music going on, no ID heard til now (or missed it), signal lower
03:00z On the edge now, weak and noisy. Where is the ALE guys? ;)

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